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심전 안중식의 연구

심전 안중식의 연구
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대학원 순수미술과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Lee Dynasty, sustained five hundred years in the late nineteeth century, got to the fin-de siecle unrest and be degenerated. In the country, in a state of extred disorder the people raesed a riot very often and the governuent engaged in partisan wrangling. On the other hard, it was under a crisis of being aggressed from the great power in the wstern Europe which already had begun to secure overseas colont. In Lee Dynasty after jong acceding to the throne, a struggle for power between his fater Tae won Kun and the princess Min was continued, and Japan and the power like Chung(China), Russia inervened in the dispute for power, like this the country situation turned to be extrenely complicated and the situation plunged the country into the continuous war. Japan, the last winner through these disputes, exercised various konds of refermations ranging over politics, econoaics, society, and culture etc., under a reformation system called Kap Kyoung Jang, and at last gorced to conclud huailiating annexatioinnan to Japan. Thus the door of our country was opened, and the late history of horea begins with a whirlpool of the enlightennent. At this break of our artistic history, our artisis find their refuge against the national grief and longing for Lee Dynasty in the artistic world. They engaged in finearts as a neans of actual escaoe, Fineart of this age, therefore, couldn;t be active or creative, however to painting and writing of Lee Dynasty was succeeded like this. Followingingly institutes or association of painting and writing were established, and thus the life of our painting circle had been kept up. At this tiae leader of these associations and institutes was Sia-Juon(Ann Joong Shik). He distinguished himself in poetry, writing and painting, in addition to his good charecter. He was a great writer and painter of the day. In writing he was proficient in every writing style called Kye, Hang, Cho, Yg and etc., and in painting also showed hisexcellency in landscape, figure-painting and flower-bird painting. No most be an effecient artist, besides he an excellent educator of finearts who set up a bridge between the end of Lee Dynasty and confused late finearts. It is certain considering that his disciples, Kim Eun no, No Joo Hyun, and Lee Sang Bun hed greatly contributed to produce many modern fineartists. Hereby, in addition to the study of Sim-juon(Ann Joong Shik) how our finearts was drawn up today froa an artistic derk age at the end of Lee Dynesty was exanined.
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