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오원 장승업의 생애와 예술

오원 장승업의 생애와 예술
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대학원 동양화과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This thesis deals with the life and artistic world of ""O WOW CHANG SUNG UP"", The last gifted painter of Yi Dynasty, most significantly adorned paintings of late 19th century. By studying about him, we can recognize the flow of modern driental paintings in Korea. He was born in a chaotic and swirling transition period. But he devoted himself to only painting amidst deep agony and complications. He was left a helpless orphan in his infancy. His childhood was very unfortunate and he did not receive any regular education. His character being indomitable he stood aloof from the world. He remained as a single in his life. He even objected to the King's order. He was taught his skill of painting by nobody. Being a gifted painter, he developed his skill by himself day by day until he had accomplished his own was of painting. His negative thought for life made him drink too much, lead an immoderate life through all his life. Perhaps, his behavior like this may be originated from the repulsion to his unfortunate childhood and chaotic society. But it may be the travail and exclamatiion for a painter to give forth to works of art. The appearance of O Won come out just like a comet in 19th century, added a piece of decoration for the last to the painting circle of Yi Dynasty which had reduced in its scale after ""DAN WON"". He left paintings od flowers and birds ""Gi Myung Chul Gi"" (various stationeries, equipments for religiois services, bell, etc) which belonged to the catagory of calligraphic school picture, figure paintings of Taoist and Buddhist saint painted with dynamic style, detailed figures of fairies, and landscape paintings which exceeeded that of WOW's four greatest painters. So he was at home in every catagory of paintings. Especally, he pervaded the paintings of ""Gi Myung Chul Gi"",which was not prevailed before him in Yi Dynasty. His style was free hearted, bold, inconventional and suggestive. He repressented the painters of late Yi Dynasty. And he is one of three greatest painters of Yi Dynasty with AHN KYON, KIM MONH DO. I dare say in this thesis that it is important for us to arrange and put on record present culture which will be cuultural assets someday as well as to hold dear and preserve ancient paintings. By studying ""O WOW"", we can recognize that he is the bridge between present oriental paintings and ancient one.
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