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아동의 출생순위와 사회경제적 지위에 따른 아동성격에 관한 기초연구

아동의 출생순위와 사회경제적 지위에 따른 아동성격에 관한 기초연구
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대학원 가정관리학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The Effect of Birth Order and Socio-economic Status on the Formation of Child Personality. The present thesis is a study on the effect of the child's birth order and the socio-economic status of his or her family on the formation of the child's persoonality. The characteristics of personality variables were obtained from the personality traits inventory made by Jung Bum-mo. As for the sffect of the socie economic status of the child's family, his or her father's occupation or profession was used as an index: upper or middle Rating Occupation, ""revised by the present writer in view of the Korea situation. Subject to this test were 436 children in 5th and 6th grades(11-13 years old) from three primary schools, sampled so as to insure a maximum variability in personality variables and in socio-economic status variables. This test was made on the following 7 points : 1. Birth Order and Personality 1) Are differences in personality variables related to the birth order of children? 2) Do the relationships of personality variables to birth order vary from boys to girls? 2. Socio-economic Status and Personality 1) Do children's personalities vary, according to the socio-economic status of their families? 2) Do children's personalities vary, according to their birth order on the same socio-economic status level? 3) Do the relationships of personaloty variables to birth prder vary from boys to girls on the same socio-economic status level? 4) Do the reationships of personality to socio-economic status vary from boys to girls? 3. Are there differences between the sibling of the same sex and that of different sexes in the formation of child personality? The major results of this study aew as follows : 1. No conspicuous relationship is found between personality variables and birth order. 2. Children from upper class famillies are found to have higher sociability traits than those from middle and low class families. 3. On the same socio-economic status level, birth order is found to have a very close relationship to personality variables. 4. On the same socio-economic status level, personality, variables vary greatly from boys to girls.
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