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삼국시대 통일신라시대 전에 나타난 문양연구

삼국시대 통일신라시대 전에 나타난 문양연구
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대학원 미술학부회화·판화전공
이화여자대학교 대학원
intreduced from ancient Cnina, the bricks of the old days of Korea were widely used as one of the chief building materials. Eventually, brick-making was stimulated and develeped by the increased demand for the building of temples following the flourishing of Buddhism. The historical backgrounds showed their differences in the shape of the bricks and the type of patterns in each kindom. In Koguryo, bricks were used before the importation of Buddhism, and we see there are few religiouselements in the patterns on the bricks. The main patterns were geometrical ones. With the introduction of Buddhism, the patterns of Lotus Flower and Palmette were also used. Koquryo's characteristic is a majestic and vigerous expression. In Paekche, geometrical patterns were still used mixed with the Lotus Flower patterns, but the former faded away and such patterns as Lotus Flower, Phoenix, Dragen, Mountain Scenery, Monster and Cloud took its pleace. It is almost impossible to discover any bricks or it could be that only in the days of Unified Silla were they used as building materials. The kinds of patterns in the nation can be classified Posang Flower, Lotus Flower, Palmette, Flying Geese, Deer, Buddha, temple, Flying Celestial Seing, Monster, the Four Guardians of Euddhism, etc. Among these in particular the splendid and ingenious pattern of the Bosang Flower shows the subtle development of Silla art. The variations of patterns in each of the three states are partly due to the relationshin of each kingdom to China. In fact, the geometrical pattern of Koguryo was influenced by Han bricks and the other kinds of patterns of Paekche were affected by the Southern Dynasty, and lastly, the rich and multiolied slsments of patterns in Sillla's post-unification period seem to have their direct sources in the Tang Empore. In connclusion, this writer would not hesitste to say that these bricks never remained merely the same as when introduced but developed woderfully as as indigenous..unique creation to surpase the Chinese prototype.
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