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국전과 한국서양화단과의 관계

국전과 한국서양화단과의 관계
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대학원 미술학부회화·판화전공
이화여자대학교 대학원
The purpose of this thesis is to examine closely the influence of the National Art Exhibition upon the western painting circle in Korea and to find a turning point for the latter vision, through studying the motive for establishment of the exhibition and its development from historical view. Reffering to the situation of the Korean fine-arts world just after liberation, the necessity of establishing the National Art Exhibition and its course of progress are mentioned and analyzed. Besides this, since the first opening the relations to the stream of western painting, trends of the exhibition in connection with the movement of art in western countries, and the problems posed th the exhibition in its administration are examined here. As great festival for art, the exhibition, despite social & political confusion, has not only played a pivotal role but also has been an important motive for the development of finearts, inspiring the creative spirit of artists. However the fractional strife in painting circles has been brought about by the exhibition. Such an unfavorable phenomenon has been and obstacle against the promisting future of the western painting circle in Korea. Many problems, virtually, lie down on the path toward the aim of National Art Exhibition. Needloss to say, it is urged that the exhibition fulfill its mission fro tomorrow's western painting in this country. In order th be more authorized exhibition, following problems must be readjusted: 1) Fairness in judging the works for the exhibition and conscience of the applicants as artists. 2) More applicants and a larger exhibition gallery than present 3) Positive support by the authorities concerned for selling the winning works 4) Two kinds of exhibitions for the conservative and the avantgarde respectively, in order to eliminate factors which have interfered with the development of the National Art Exhibition 5) The exhibition should include only ""pure art"" such as paintin,m regardless of its being oriental or western, and sculpture 6) The exhibition should be held mainly for established artists because art is the fruit of creation.
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