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낙성비룡 연구

낙성비룡 연구
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
NAKSEONGBIRYONG of which contents and structure are very similar to SINYUBOK-JEON and SODAESEONG-JEON, is of the NAKSEONJAE novels. The structure of this work which is written about the life of Lee Kyung Mo, a hero of NAKSEONGBIRYONG, is divided into 12 parts. That is; 1) explanation of the family 2). birth story of the hero 3). being abandoned helpless orphan 4). Undergoing trials as a servant 5). depended on and helped by minister Mr. Yang after married the same minister's daughter. 6). Undergoing trials again from out of home by the death of minister Yang 7). reliesed from the hard trials by the power of the dead minister. 8). devoted himself to studiea at the temple, Cheong-un. 9). Passed a high public service examination 10). established a meritorious deed 11). living in honour and wealth 12). his death. This structure of NAKSEONGBIRYONG reminds us of a story of King Dongmyung, our old myth, although the life story of Jumong, a hero of the same myth, is partially different with. Besides this, this kind of structural similarity can be found in western heroes' biography too. It is understood on the structural point of view that NAKSEONGBIRYONG has a almost same pattern with not only our old myth but western heroes stories. NAKSEONGBIRYONG, one of the typical hero stories, leads to YUCHUNGRYVL-JEON quite different. The stream of consciousness ie also different between the two. We can know that consciousness of the author of YUCHUNGRYUL-JEON is for restore of the lost power and authority of high level people (so called YANGBAN). But on the other hand, he of NAKSEONGBIRYONG placed his consciousness on the point that even a man of low level can live in honour and wealth at high society by his economical ability and endless efforts. Hero novels, within its category, can be sorted out more detailedly to the groups of YUCHUNGRYUL-JEON, NAKSEONGBIRYONG and etc. It is also belivable, NAKSEONGBIRYONG was written late among the similar works. NAKSEONGBIRYONG contains the use of realistic and detailed descriptive method together with the development of rational events.
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