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공업사회화와 가족주의적 경영이데올로기

공업사회화와 가족주의적 경영이데올로기
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대학원 사회학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Modern industrial organization must have some ablilty that coordinate and create a gerneral system of production, mobilizo labour, control behavior of its members and cope with the external pressure. In the view of control of human behavior, this ability concerns with the system of power and authority: the system must have a value system which can justified in order to be maintained. The value system of industrial organization is not established autonomously within it: a value system gears into the whole values in a society. In particular in such a society as Korea which start to be industrialized, the value system is supported by a value system which has controlled human begavior in many major field. This paper is aimed at indicating the industrial organization in Korea is based on a parternalistic familism, which produces a certain ideology of management. In this paternalistic authority which controls human behavior becomes that of the industrial organization, which froms a pay system. It indicates the charactor of Korean enterprise structure. It is believed that the management ideology of Korean enterprises has the integration-oriented character, thus the age-grade wage system and permanent-employment result from the paternalistic authority. The industrial organization based on the paternalistic authority can transformed into a type of bureaucracy and be maintained even in a circumstances where manager (managerial professionalism) is emerging. We must stress that ghis type of ideology face many limits in increasing the scope of combination of industrial elements, in transforming the traditional protectionism into industrial welfare, and in eliminating industrial conflicts and unemployment. Finally, in this course we may conclude industrial democracy can be secured then the limits are overcome.
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