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조선전기의 내수사 장리에 대하여

조선전기의 내수사 장리에 대하여
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대학원 사학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
At the beginning of sixteen century in Yi Dynasty, in particular, reign between King Sungjong and King Jungjong has brought about big changes in the characteristics in the goverment of the kingdom. It gives to raise problems to study familiar changes as early positive progress in the seventeen and eighteen centuries in our history. I, with this view, am going to study changes and progress in Yi Dynasty, that is, socio-economic history of loan system with high rate to the people through royal financial organization, Nae Soo Sa. Above-mentioned system has invited to so many problems as conflicts between new party and old party - Sarim and Hungu - in the time of King Sungjong's reign. In the meantime, royal loan system was a determinant to promote private loan, and with teirresults, aristocratic officials who had a great number of loan expanded their lands. Such a system through Nae Soo Sa or private household had shortcomings on the background basis of royal court and aristocratic officials. As results, many people lived in panic condition, with big debt due to high interest rate, at last, it led to be a factor of social instability. However, it has come to change fixed status in Yi Dynasty rather than turmoil in social structure. Nae Soo Sa responsible for royal finance has influenced on peoples, and it has changed characteristics itself throughout the society at that time. In other words, it implies scale and extents of royal court's power to the people. On conclusion, in historic approach to research for social changes at the beginning of Yi Dynasty, we have to consider power of royal court to the people through Nae Soo Sa.
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