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재료와 소재가 현대자수에 미치는 영향

재료와 소재가 현대자수에 미치는 영향
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대학원 응용미술과자수전공
이화여자대학교 대학원
The art of the Korean embroidery contains much difficulties in spite of its brillian tradition and so wide a realization among daily lives of citizens. Korean embroidery presents recently many problems concerning the demands of the times -- so-called ""the modernization of the Korean embrodiery."" The problems may be divied into two parts. One is the traditional tendency which sticks to the original technic. On the contrary, the other is the trend which seems to cast off the trafitional technic following the modern artistic feelings. This is to say : this time demands to the Korean modern embroidery such as its developments correspondgin to the technic which is really asked to the modern Korean people. In other words, we may say that the entire acceptance of the Korean traditional technic and its realization is not so much urgent. The main currents of the modern arts show the fact that it is slowly changing its excessive humanity for all round artistic genre from that early 20th century. We may say that this has really entered into the age of the synthetic art. Now it is stepping for its complicated and unexpected state of future. One of the genres of the synthetic art can not be only criticized at its original viewpoint. This may be said ""out of date"". The art of embroidery has been said that it is that art of ""needle and thread"". But we can not suppose embroidery without the two materials mentioned above? We know that the modern art has started, refusing to use the traditional materials. By the way on the field of the art of embroidery, we can not start and try to develop its real artistic field through leaving off the traditional materials? At this point, we can approach to the same facts. We would like to say that the modernization of Korean embroidery art may start from changing of its materials at first. Next, we should be interested in the subject matters of the art of embroidery. Because we think that it is difficult to reach the artistic accomplishments of embroidery by the Korean traditional matters, such as, some deers, birds, and flowers, etc. But it is very important to substain and develop the orginality of the Korean embroidery. Then, we have the intention to cultivate this originality for modern embroidery of Korea at view point of the modern artistic currnets. We can see in the main article several cases which has been tried these days by artists of the world.
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