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늘봄 전영택론

늘봄 전영택론
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Neul-Bom, Jun Young-Tack(1894-1968), was a pioneer of Korean history of current literature and, at the same time, a great religious author from the point of periodical temperament and his position of history of literature. He entered in the literary world as a member of Journal Chang-Jo which was a first real literary journal of Korea. And he opposed to the popular literature of Chun-Won and Youk-Dang, which originated from the intention to instruct people's political consciousness. Neul-Bom initiated Journal Chang-Jo with Kim Dong-In and Joo Yo-Han in Japan about 1918. It was the first concrete literary product which converted and developed consistent modern literary movement from inconsistent of Lee Kwang-Soo's style. And it appeared as such an expression of their will of real literature, too. So we could take into consideration Journal Chang-Jo as the origin of Korean Realism in those and these days because the realistic condition they presented in it originated in the literary attitude in which they had a will to present the real Korean society of those days as it was. At the same time, the situation of Japanese literary world when members of Chang-Jo played an active part in Japan was the golden age of literature of Naturalism influenced by Realism originated in France. And so it was possible to reflect in their literary works Japanese Naturalism as it was, which was imported and become native from European Naturalism. Because they read through the masterpiece of the world the Japanese had translated, even if it was not conscious abstraction. So, in his works of ""The Death of Hye-Sun"", ""Chun-Chi? Chun-Jae?"", ""Woon-Myung"", etc. which were early works of Neul-Bom we could see his naturalistic attitude. However, because of his environments from infancy and his personality he did not become a naturalistic author. Instead, we could feel religious atmosphere in all his works. That is, when we considered Neul-Bom's works. we could find that the majority of punishments came from Love, Repentance, and Guilty Consciousness which were fundamental thoughts of Christian. Concurrently, the religious feeling of Neul-Bom in itself came from democratism, and so the hero(heroine) of most of his works had the democratic parsonality. This, we could consider as a method of conscious pursuit of human nature in which all men who entered into the common people were equal to God in the consideration of the Doctrine of Christian. In other words, it was his principal intention to suggest Christian Theme on the pretext of religious feeling of common people, to pursue religious feeling of common people and look for the similiarity with Christian Belief, and then to approach each other through a vary natural processes. As one other characteristic of Neul-Bom's works, we could mention that he ended most of his works by the Death of hero(heroine). However, the death he described in his works could be classified by two different form. One was the posture of hero meeting the death was that of bright Believer coming back to God. The other was that the death of hero was a moment for a dispatched sinner repent and look for the God again.
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