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Willem de Kooning고찰

Willem de Kooning고찰
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대학원 미술학부회화·판화전공
이화여자대학교 대학원
The purpose of syudying willem de Kooning, A master of abstract expressionism in modern art is to create a sense of abstract expressionism which is not well reflected in Korea, by introducing him to the Korean Painting circles and to lay a firm spiritual ground of modern painting through study of his arts. His unique view of art and his characteristic individuality shown in his arts fascinated me to write this thesis and this was the reason why I took him as an object of study. For better analysing and understanding his arts, I established the following six phases ;- 1st phase : An introduction of his arts and explantion of the characteristics of arts. 2nd phase : A brief explanation of his life to help better understanding of his arts and what made him today indicationg the element of apriority and that of his posteriority. 2rd phase : An explanation of his progress and role based on historical background and change of paintings caused by change of society. 4th phase : A study on the artist's thought and view of arts which are considered to be essential root of all artists. Particulas emphasis have been placed on this phase as it is vital for better understanding his arts. 5th phase : An explanation of his arts. Explanation has been made with seven(7) division and analysing his theme and time together in an effort to better acquaint with the artist. His most atriking 18 works have been selected out of his all works, photo pictures of which are illustrated in the attached thesis to give better explanation of his works. 6th phase : An overall concllusion for above 5phase and also overall comprehensive study on madern arts and modern artists including Willem de Kooning and their questions in arts. Styud of Willem de Kooning is a required step for not only all art students and contemporary artists but for the people living in present age, for his sincere attitude toward life and his idea compel us reverence. It is my sincere wishes that Willem de Kooning will produse many more masterprieces and show a direction for modern artists to follow.
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