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古代小說의 愛情葛藤에 關한 硏究

古代小說의 愛情葛藤에 關한 硏究
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The ancient literature in Korea can be dvided into two parts of ""A type's"" novel and ""B type's"" novel if classified according to the formation of the ancient novels by focussing a stress on the component elements of novel. The Description of the biography for their whole life of heroes and heroines in the atyle of A type's novels and the composition of rapidly development in the style of the B type's novels were enable to be classified, in common, such two types and were also distinctly verified such a position. Such a classification of ancient novels by the type of composition were not confined in that phase, and, furthermore, were related and involved in the co-relations betweem human beings. In case of the ancient novels pertaining to the category of A type's style, the connections of love affairs and affection to be composed of by the heroed and heroines were governed by the elements of new birth, on the contrary, in case of B type's style the connections of herose and heroines began with real conditions. The relations forming a connection as the foundamental elements of love affairs and affection developed by heroes and heroines in the ancient novels are also possible to be classified into two parts of novel forms, that is, one is the relation forming a connection of ""new birth"" and the dther is the relation forming a connection of ""reality"". The meaning of "" new birth"" on forming a connection is non-reality in the progress of novel. The life of persons whl were deserted from paradise and came down from the above in the sky are dependent upon the Devine providence. The Devine providence, that is the decision of God in forming a connection between men and women means inherent connection. The treason to such a connection are impossible and the decision of God is absolute order. As a result, the persons shown up in the ancient novel should be obedient to the fatal life gicen to them. However, in case that the connection in the human relation depends upon the realistic elements, the life are developed toward a little different direction. They are, at first, confronted with the complication arising from human relations and then have to experience the real strife. The life made by them is life itself in human provided with the various kinds of human elements. The life leading by them, therefore, could be a tragedy, compared that the life developed by new birth closed ""happy-ending."" The common points enable to fine out in such two-divided human relation is the complication, which are involved at any time in the process of their life regardless of either "" new birth"" connection or ""realistic"" connection. If we analysis the vause arising from the complication from this point of view we can find out the classification of complication classified as followings. It is noticeable, however, that the analysis of that are focussed on the incidents of love affairs and affection for the heroes and heroines shown up in the ancient novels and most of complication occured from the superficial events. 1) COMPLICATION ARISED FROM THE OPPOSITION OF THEIR PARENTS. 2) Complication due to divorce are separation. 3) Complication derived from the courtship of persons held power and wealth or the marriage not to follow up the connection decided by the devine providence. 4) Complication from the fatal retribution for deeds on the former world. 5) Complication owing to the jealousy and entrap. 6) Complication from the different status in society to be classified by grade. 7) Misellaneous. As a result, the method of dissolving the complication should be grouped separately the ways adequate for the respective phase and direction. The vollition capable of transcending the limited human-being should be dealt with in the level of the higher dimension.
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