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한국풍자소설의 연구

한국풍자소설의 연구
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
In the history of Korean Literature, the period of ninety thirties is called as a melancholy and dark age. For Korea had kept on a surbordinate connection with Japan throughout the field of politics, economy, society and culture by their imperialism. As the literature is able to speak out the national intelligence and emotion, that fact gets to contain more serious problem. Whereas, nowadays, this opinion is being changed gradually according to the research of new Korean History or History of Korean Literature. That is, the internal mental history has been regarded more importanct than the external history. In the main subject, it has four chapter consisited on conception of satire, satire of Korean Literature, research of author and work analysis. As the result of this study, I (writer) can find that the western satire is humanistic and direct attack, though the oriental satire is the side attack to resist the power class. Most of all, the satire in Korean Literature came out as the result of resistance of political and social organization. The peculiarity of Chai's works succeeded the classical tradition and overcome it's weakness through the emphasis of sentimentalism so it showed peculiarity to use the characteristic style. But the most important thing is the author, Man Sik Chai suggested to us the new author's consciousness.
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