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현대소설의 이론과 구조 분석

현대소설의 이론과 구조 분석
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This thesis is a study of the modern Korean novel. The writer has attempted to analyze the style of the modern Korean novel. The element that distinguishes our modern novel from the ancient is not the plot or the theme alone, but its langauge and style. On this promise several literary works have been cited in this thesis to be analyzed through the eyes of a critic. In the novel of objective description nature, we found that though the establishment of the characters in conflicting situations has been effective to a certain degree in the general plan of the novel, weakness in drama and excessive of the author were prominet. At the same time laughing and sorrow elements in the novel are felt only by the writer alone and faced to reach the readers. Though symbols in the novel can certainly be most effective as embodiment of the novel itself or creating a still another world of its own, it has barred the possibility of expanding the experience world of the individual reader. The first person description has been proven to be more pursuasive than the 3rd person in the setting and character depiction. As for the problem of style, we were able to discover the subject identity thorugh signs and numbers. Technically however, the emotions have been well brought out through the cynical tone, as well as the language of a child thrown into the world of the abnormal, we have failed to discover the subject from such a technique. What is the possibility of style and tone is our modern novel. We have feel a great need to discover the possibility in our mordern novel.
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