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彫刻에 있어서 空間性에 관한 硏究

彫刻에 있어서 空間性에 관한 硏究
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Study of space in sculpture
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대학원 조소과
이화여자대학교 대학원
국 영문초록 수록;彫刻에 있어 空間은 立體를 形成하는 過程에서 이루어진다. 傳統的으로 彫刻家들은 量과 量塊의 견지에서 생각해 왔다. 20세기에 이르러서는 空間에 積極的인 價値를 認定하고 空間을 本質的 造形要素로 追求함에 따라 그 造形的 效果는 다양한 特性을 나타내고 있다. 이러한 시대 상황속에서 空間은 作家의 美的 經驗이나 制作科程에서 그의 美的 欲求를 造形的으로 表現하는데 특수한 美的 效果를 나타내는 중요한 表現法이므로 그 造形的 特性을 糾明할 必要가 있다. 本 硏究의 目的은 空間을 本質的인 造形 要素로 追求하는 시대상황 속에서 作家의 다양한 空間感과 制作된 作品을 통하여 나타난 空間의 造形的 效果를 糾明함을 目的으로 한다. 本 硏究의 內容은 理論的 背景으로 일반적 空間 槪念과 새로운 空間 槪念의 時代的 背景, 擴散, 表現 方法 等을 硏究하였고 空間의 分析에 있어서는 作家의 空間感과 制作된 作品에 의한 分析으로 검토했다. 本 硏究의 方法은 文獻考察을 中心으로 現代 彫刻 作品 中에서 任意標集하여 그 樣相을 分析했다. 硏究의 結果 現代 彫刻에서 空間 表現은 作家의 空間感, 抽象性, 美的 經驗 等에 따라 다양한 特性을 보였고 그 실제적 樣相은 構成主義 作家의 作品에서 積極的으로 나타났으며 實空間과 虛空間의 對比로 새로운 造形性을 創造하는 空間擴散이라 하겠다.;In sculpture, space is realized in the course of constituting substances. Traditionally sculpture was realized in respect of volume and mass only. But from the twentieth century, sculptors began to regard space as an active and plastic concern of them and to pursue it as an essential factor in sculpture, Accordingly the formative effects from it also started to represent various features. Under the situation of the times like this, as space is now recognized as an important way of expression in the way of disclosing artistic desires with formative substances through their experiencing the beauty and their working, it becomes necessary to clarify the formative characteristics of the space. The purpose of this study, at this time when the space is pursued as an essential formative factor, is to examine the formative effects and the formative importance revealed through the various senses of space and the works. In this study, the historical backgrounds of the traditional concept of the space and modern concept of it, and how the modern concept has been developed, and the difference of the expressions between the two are studied for the theoritical support, and sculptors' views of the space and their works are comparatively studied for the physical support. This study is being done by random sampling the modern sculpture works through the research of literatures and by analyzing their special features. As the results of this study, it is found out that the expressions of the space have lot various characteristics depending on each sculptor's view of space and abstraction and the experience of the beauty and the space is expressed the most actively in the the works of Constructivism, which shows the space extention the creation of the new form through the harmonious combination of active space and void space.
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