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落泉登雲 硏究

落泉登雲 硏究
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(An) Essay of Nak Chon Deung Un
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교육대학원 어학교육전공한국어교육분야
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
Nak Chon Deung Un, is the novel written in Korean, reserved in Nak Sean Che, the author and the creating time of which are unknown. It has China for geographical back-ground, and also the three ages of Se-Jong, Mok-Jong, Shin-Jong in Myeong for time back-ground. The historical facts and the politicians at that time were described in it. So in chapter two, how the characters and events of Chinese authantic history are composed is investigated and the citation of ancient happenings in Korea and the state examination system between Myeong and Cho-Seon are described in the way of subject matter. The creating time and transcribing time are assumed from examining the problems in creating process through the above investigation. In chapter three the structure of this work is contemplated mainly through the story of this work and life of the hero. In chapter four and five the author's intention is studied through the social aspect reflected in this work and the world view of the author.;「落泉登雲」은 作者와 創作年代 未詳의 한글로 된 樂善齋本小說이다. 이 作品은 地理的 背景이 中國이며 時代的 背景이 明나라 世宗, 穆宗, 神宗 3代에 걸쳐있고 그 당시 실제 政治人들과 史實이 作品에 묘사되어 있다. 따라서 本 硏究는 第二章에서 中國 正史의 人物과 事件이 어떻게 作品化되었는가를 考察하였으며 古代 韓國의 古事引用 양상을 檢討하였고 中國 明나라의 科擧制度와 李朝의 科擧制度를 비교하여 素材論的 側面에서 다루었다. 이러한 考察을 통해 製作過程의 問題를 검토하여 創作年代와 筆寫年代를 추정하였다. 또한 第三章에서는 作品의 梗槪와 主人公의 一代記를 중심으로 作品의 構造를 考察하였고 第四章과 五章에서는 作品에 反影된 社會相과 社會를 바라보는 作家의 世界觀을 통해 作家意識을 살펴보았다.
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