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dc.description.abstractThe result acquired in general by the consciousness clear in concept on a thing, or the content of objective cognition and the cognition is the knowledge. Mere fragments of knowledge are the matters necessary in forming science, and science must make a formation of a whole by being combined through the necessary relation of each knowledge. This formation is a system, and science is a systematized knowledge. In order to make the independence of science in Physical Education and the system clear the study of the concept on physical education is thought to be preceded. The concept of physical education was closely related with education through the appearance of the term called "Physical Education" in the beginning of the nineteenth century, and was changed by "Education of the Physical," and "Education through the Physical". From 1930, on one part, in the meaning of physical movement, or "exploratory movement," of malsing unrestricted experience activity and expressive activity chiefly; as view of school education physical education was developed as the concept of "Movement Education". On the other, in the criticism about the point that physical education is a link of education physical education is called the definition that "Physical education is the art and science of human movement" by accepting physical education as the concept of "Human Movement" in the meaning to pursue the original science system.;일반적으로 사물에 대해서 槪念的으로 명확한 意識 즉 客觀的인 認識 內容 및 認識에 의해 획득된 結果가 知識이다. 단편적인 지식은 學問이 形成되는데 필요한 素材이며 學問은 이들 個個의 지식이 必然的 聯關으로 결합되어 하나의 全體를 形成하여야 한다. 이 組織體를 體系라고 하며 學問은 體系化된 知識이다. 體育學의 學問的 獨立性과 그 體系를 분명히 하기 위해서는 體育에 대한 槪念, 硏究가 요구된다. 體育의 槪念은 19세기 초 "體育-Physical Education"이라는 用語의 등장과 함께 敎育과 밀접한 관계를 맺고 "身體의 敎育(Education of the Physical)", "身體를 통한 敎育(Education through the Physical)"으로 변화하였다. 1930년대 부터 한편에서는 學校 敎育의 입장에서 자유로운 經驗 活動과 表現 活動을 主로 하는 身體의 움직임 즉 探索運動의 意味에서 體育을 "움직임 교육(Movement Education)"의 槪念으로 발전시켰고 다른 한편에서는 體育이 敎育의 一環이라는 점에 대한 批判으로 獨自的인 學問 體系를 追求하고자 하는 意味에서 體育을 "人間 運動(Human Movement)"의 槪念으로 받아들여서 "體育은 人間 運動의 技術과 科學이다"고 定義하고 있다.-
dc.description.tableofcontents論文槪要 = ⅳ Ⅰ. 序論 = 1 Ⅱ. 體育 槪念 形成의 歷史的 變遷 = 3 Ⅲ. 體育 槪念 形成의 論理的 體系 = 14 Ⅳ. 諸 學者의 體育 槪念 分析 = 18 Ⅴ. 結論 = 32 參考文獻 = 33 英文抄錄 = 38-
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dc.title諸學者의 體育槪念에 關한考察-
dc.typeMaster's Thesis-
dc.title.translatedComparison on the concept of physical education of leading scholars-
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