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結晶釉에 관한 硏究

結晶釉에 관한 硏究
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(A) Study for the Crystal Glaze : Focused on the Willemite Crystal Glaze
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대학원 도예과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The art of ceramic always have had close relationship with the mankind from the ancient time to the present time. In the past time the ceramic was made of clay only for the using as vessel itself, however modern ceramic art avoid this old fashioned view point, and expanded it's sphere. Therefore the character of modern ceramic art has been improved and extended it's territory and boundary to the degree of that not only for the use of vessel itself but also it has a character of artistic and formative beauty including the other sphere of art, which is difficult to be distinguished from the field of other art. Comparing with conventional ceramic art, the history of modern ceramic art does not have long history and does not accompanied with all conditions and circumstances. Therefore it is urgently demanded for the improvement of the Body and the Glaze. This experiment have examined closely the Property of Matter of Crystal Glaze with the view side of technology, by studying the Willemite (2ZnO, SiO_(2)) Crystal Glaze with applying ZnO which had been used as an opaliser only. And this study was performed for the purpose of applying this closely examined Property of Matter to the Ceramic Art. In this experiment, it was pursued first that inquiry into the choice of Material and basic Glaze Composition, and researching the Proper Temperature and Cooling Speed and Firing Temperature that are related with the Nuclear Growth, and then squiring the Crystal Image Effect, and tested adding with the stabilized Coloring Agent, and the Outcome was applied to the Product. Altering the Composition of ZnO, Na_(2)O, CoO and mixing 12 different kind of Glaze and compared the Growth degree of Crystal as the maintenance time change, seeking for the Proper Temperature of Nuclear Creation and Nuclear Growth, in the mean time, adding the Coloring Agent that of CuO, NiO, MnO, Fe_(2)O_(3), Cr_(2)O_(3), CoO which are good effective in coloring, and compared the Crystal Growth and color effect as adjusting the quantity of Coloring Agent. The result showed that the longer is it in Growth Time, the better it's Effect in Color. But when it was over 10 hours in Maturity Time, the surface of the Glaze expressed an appearance of swollen and entangled (Bloating Appearance). In the quantity of adding the Coloring Agent, the result of experiment showed that adding around 5% of Oxidized Metals such as Fe_(2)O_(3), MnO_(2), CUO resulted good effect in color. In case of applying to the product, it showed better effect on the side-surface than on the level-surface and the thickness of the Glazing did not exceed 1.5mm. And the quantity of the Al_(2)O_(3) which interupting the Growth of Crystal did not exceed 10% of total quantity of Coloring Agent. Also the result of experiment appeared that the Crystal from showed various kind of shapes such as needle-shape, chrysanthemum-shape, Folding Fan-shape along the different quantity of the Coloring Agent, and the color effect was good enough. The Crystal Glaze has wide composition and a large scale of Maturity Temperature, and the Cooling Temperature and Cooling Speed must be adjusted carefully because the Cooling Speed and Cooling Time may seriously effect the Formation and the Growth of the Crystal Nuclear.;陶磁藝術은 과거에서 現在에 이르기까지 늘 人類와 밀접한 관계를 유지해 왔다. 과거엔 기능성을 위주로한 성형물로 흙을 빚어 온것에 비해, 現代의 陶藝는 이러한 점에서 탈피하여 좀더 광범위한 領域으로 넓혀 왔으며 단순한 器로서의 성격에서 벗어나 藝術的이며 造形性을 함유함으로서 다른 藝術의 분야와 구분하기 어려울 만큼 그 영역이 넓혀졌다. 과거의 전통도예에 비해 現代陶藝의 歷史는 길지 않았고 이에 수반되는 모든 조건, 또한 미비하였으므로 素地와 釉藥의 發展이 절실히 요구된다. 本 實驗은 지금까지 乳濁劑로만 使用되어왔던 ZnO를 이용한 Willemite (2 ZnO·SiO_(2)) 結晶釉를 工學的인 측면에서 고찰하여 結晶釉의 外觀性狀을 규명하였으며 이 규명된 外觀性狀을 藝術陶磁에 應用할 目的에서 이 硏究를 수행하였다. 이에對한 實驗은 우선 原料의 선정과 基本的인 釉藥組成을 구성하였으며 核成長에 관여하는 適正溫度와 냉각속도 및 소성온도를 탐구하여 結晶像의 效果를 얻은 다음 安定된 發色劑를 添加하여 착색실험을 하고 얻어진 結果를 作品에 應用해 보았다. Na_(2)O, ZnO, CoO의 鹽基性組成만을 變化시켜, 12종류의 釉를 調合한 후 核生成과 核成長의 適合溫度를 찾아 保持時間과 變化에 따른 結晶의 成長을 比較 하였으며 한편으로는 發色效果가 좋은 CuO, NiO, MnO_(2), Fe_(2)O_(3), Cr_(2)O_(3), CoO를 添加하여 發色劑의 量에따른 結晶成長과 發色效果를 比較해 보았다. 그結果 成長時間은 길수록 좋았으나 全體的 숙성시간이 10시간이 넘었을 경우 釉의 表面이 들뜨고 부풀어 엉켜붙는 現象(bloating)을 나타내었다. 發色劑 添加量은 實驗結果 Fe_(2)O_(3), MnO_(2), CuO등의 산화금속은 5%전후로 착색하는것이 좋으며 作品에 應用할 때에는 측면보다 평면이 좋고 시유의 두께는 1.5mm 이내로 하였다. 또한 結晶成長에 방해가 되는 Al_(2)O_(3)는 전체양의 10%를 넘지 않도록 하였다. 實驗結果 發色劑의 양에 따라 結晶形은 침상, 국화꽃모양, 부채꼴모양 등 다양한 형상을 볼 수 있었으며 전체적으로 發色效果도 좋았다. 結晶釉는 폭넓은 組成과 넓은 숙성온도 범위를 가지고 있으며, 냉각속도 시간은 結晶核의 形成과 成長에 크게 영향을 미치므로 냉각온도, 냉각속도는 주의깊은 조정이 필요하다.
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