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辨別學習을 通한 幼兒의 問題解決 戰略에 관한 硏究

辨別學習을 通한 幼兒의 問題解決 戰略에 관한 硏究
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(A) Study on the Problem solving strategy among preoperational and concrete operational Kindergarten children during the Discrimination Learning
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변별학습유아문제해결 전략전조작기구체적 조작기전조작용교육학
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The present study was intended to investigate the difference with the level of cognition and the effects of stimulus differentiation training on the problem solving strategy. Subjects for this study were 44 kindergarten children. They were first tested to determine their cognitive level according to Piaget's conservation task. As a result of this test, subjects were devided into two groups as preoperational and concrete operational group. These two seperated groups put to solve the discrimination learning problem, one with stimulus differentiation training and the other without stimulus differentiation training. This was followed by a series of four-dimensional(color, size, form, position) stimulus discrimination learning problems in which a blank-trial probe, used to detect the child's strategy, followed each feedback trial. Results of this study can be summarized as follows: 1. In discrimination learning problems, the children who had the stimulus differentiation training manifested strategy. 2. The concrete operational children manifested dimension checking and hypothesis checking strategies. 3. The children of the concrete operational experimental group manifested strategies at the most. 4. In discrimination learning problem, the position differentiation problem were solved with the most difficulties.;本 연구는 幼兒의 問題解決戰略의 認知수준에 따른 차이와 刺戟區別訓練이 問題解決戰略에 미치는 영향을 究明하고자 하였다. 이 연구를 위하여 유치원생 44명을 대상으로 사용하였다. 이들을 Piaget의 保存性실험(수·양·길이·면적)에 의하여 前操作期와 具體的 操作期 집단으로 분류하고, 이 두 집단을 다시 각각 刺戟區別訓練을 실시한 집단과 실시하지 않은 집단으로 나눈 후 辦別學習問題를 풀도록 하였다. 辦別學習問題는 색·크기·모양·위치의 4차원이 포함된 총 64시행의 4문제로 되어 있으며, 幼兒들의 戰略을 把握하기 위하여 각 freeback 시행 뒤에 feedback이 주어지지 않는 4개의 시행(blank-trial probe : BTP)이 따라오는 문제이다. 實驗結果는 다음과 같다. 1. 刺戟區別訓練을 받은 幼兒가 辦別學習問題에서 戰略體系를 현저하게 많이 사용하였다. 2. 具體的 操作期 幼兒가 가설검색·차원검색 戰略을 많이 사용하였다. 3. 刺戟區別訓練을 받은 具體的 操作期 幼兒가 가장 많이 戰略을 사용하였다. 4. 辦別學習問題에서 위치구별을 가장 어려워하였다.
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