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韓國 醱酵食品의 Vitamin B_(12)에 關한 硏究

韓國 醱酵食品의 Vitamin B_(12)에 關한 硏究
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Biochemical studies on Vitamin B_(12) of the fermanted foods in Korea
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대학원 생물화학과
한국발효식품vitamin B_(12)
이화여자대학교 대학원
穀類를 主食으로 하고 있는 民族에 對하여 特히 Vitamin B_(12)의 重要性이 役說되고 있는바 우리 나라에서는 他ls族에 比하여 比較的 많은 量과 種類의 醱酵食品을 攝取하고 있는 故로 醱酵食品에 含有되고 있는 Vitamine B_(12)의 含量을 Lactobacillas Leichmannii ATcc 7830으로 定量하는 한 便 特히 沈菜類에있어 그 醱酵時間中 醱酵에 關與하고 있는 微生物에 依하여 새로히 Vitamin B_(12)가 生成되고 있는지 或은 없는지를 調査하고자 나박김치를 담가서 담근 直後부터 그 液部에 對한 Vitamin B_(12)의 量의 變化를 調査 硏究한것이다.;In order to know contents of Vitamin B_(12) in the fermented foods in Korea, the distribution of this Vitamin contents is studied on the following foods; Kimchies(pickled vegetables)=39 Chukkals(fermented and salted sea foods)=8 Fermented Soy-bean products=5 where, the Kimchios and the fermented soybean products studied in this Paper, are from individual homes and Chukkals are from markets. And in order to confirm produetion cf Vitamin B_(12) during the Kimchi fermeatation period, the variation of its content is studied in this Paper. As a sample of Kimchi fermentation study, Nabakk Kimchi which is a seasonal one in early spring is prepared by Auther. The content of Vitamin B_(12) is estimated by the microbiological assay method using Lactobacillus Lcichmannii ATCC 7830. Dotails for assay are indicated in the original part of this Paper. And the pseudo-Vitamin B_(12) substances as thymidine which is active to the growth of Lactobacillus Loichimannii, are oliminated by the alkali troatmead method of sample solution. According to the reoults as indicated in the original part of this Paper, the follewing conelusions are summerized; 1. Vitamin B_(12) contonts of Kimchics fer wintor soason are 1.03-1.52 mcg % in average. And the content of Vitamin B_(12) shows 0.38 mcg % in Nabakk-kimchi. The Hobakk-Kimchi is not pepular one among Korean. 2. Chukkals contain much higher content of Vitamin B_(12) varying from 0.91 to 11.10 mcg %. 3. The soy-bean fermented foods, Kanjang, Dainjang, and Kochojang, contain lowor content of Vitamin B_(12) varying from 0.08 to 0.52 mcg % con□□□□□ing higher contant □□□□□ Vitamin. 4. Based on daily consumption of Kimchi in □□□ter se□□□□ by Chai the consumption of this Vitamin through Kimchi is about 3 mags daily per □apita. This will be a quite source of this Vitamin for Korean as Vitamin C. 5. vitamin B_(12) is produced during the formentation peried of Kimchi. The content of this Vitamin during its formentation poried, is much bigher content compared with the theeritieaily caleulated amonnt from its materials. This haa been cenfirmed at the repaated oxperiment, the trond of variation during its period is indleated in the original paper. 6. The sterili□od Kimchi inhibited the fromentntion by atorilization at the preparation, did not ineren□od ite content showing only its thoritically calculeted amount.
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