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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of letting children have the early group activity at a kindergarten or a day care center is that Korean parents lay stress on the development of the field of intellectual faculties as a preparatory education for the elementary education rather than the character-formation or the development of socialization through the experience of group activities. How should the purpose of the parents, who are attached too much importance to such conception, keep in touch with the development of a child as a whole man? The purpose in which parents and agencies differ in opinion obstructs the development of the early group activity agency. Hereupon questions are presented as follows : 1. What do the parents have general understanding of the early group activity agency? 2. What is the purpose or reason of the experiences of early group activity? And are there any experience of early group activity or not? 3. What do they have understanding of the necessity of the experience of early group activity? 4. What do they have understanding of or expect the present state of qualities of teachers in the early group activity agency? Supposing that the presented questions are influenced differently by the general conditions of parents and the factors of circumstance, it shall be studied which influences each of the questions as foresaid, the general conditions of parents or the factor of circumstance. The literature on this subject served as a good reference. And two hundred and fifty five samples were collected through the interviews by questionaire. The objects of this study are the parents who resident in Sadang I-dong, Yongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. The results of this study are as follows : 63.1% of the parents thought that the function of kindergarten is different from that of day care center. And 22.8% of them thought that the function of each other has many points of likeness. Of the functions of kindergarten and day care center, there is difference, to some extent, between the function of preparatory education and that of protection subject to which agencies the parents lay stress on. But both kindergarten and day care center are early group activity agencies and in the light of the fact that the ultimate purpose of the two agencies intends to develop a child as a whole man, their understanding, that kindergarten is better than day care center in the functional aspect, seems that have wrong ideas for the two agencies as a group activity agencies. 52.6% of parents let their children experience early activity. In order to make them be taught a preparatory education, or to make them learn a regular life, or to make them develop friendship, the parents let them be taught at such agencies. The reasons that they can't let their children be taught at such agencies are as follows : because they can't afford to let them learn at such agencies, they are far from their houses, they don't want to let their children get nervous so early and to make their children be tired of the education of elementary school on account of the preparatory education. 76.4% of the experienced children are changed in their actions. After examining into their changed actions in details, most of the parents made it clear that they recognized the excellent result. Such fact reflects that the growing children are influenced by a group activity. 85.9% of the parents admitted the necessity of the experience of group activity and 50.7% of the parents, who don't let their children learn at such agencies, have the idea to let them be taught at such agencies in the future. The parents call upon teachers to have a professional knowledge, a parental love fine character and talent in the artistic aspect, or to consult with them, or to provide a sufficient interest for their children, but don't call upon teachers to have an strict educational attitude as an important condition. In the educational level of teachers, 37.3% of the parents wanted a university graduate who majored in the bring up of children for two years. 11.4% of them didn't care about what subject teachers of such agencies majored in and 20.4% of them thought that high school graduate will do. 1.6% of them didn't care about school career at teachers. Then 33.4% of the whole parents didn't recognize the professional knowledge. This means that they can't recognized the importance of the experience of early group activity. 58.2% of them wanted a teacher aged over 25 under 29 and experienced in education for more than one year less than three years. They wanted young teachers who, after having a little practical experience, can teach the children with interact. After examining into the samples carefully, I arrived at conclusions as follows : 1. Group activity agencies are at recognized exactly. 2. Necessity of the experience of group activity is well known to but importance of that isn't recognized sufficiently. 3. Professional knowledge of the teacher isn't recognized sufficiently. 4. Universality of experience for the agencies isn't realized. It is to be desired that early group activity agencies in this territory let the parents recognize the importance and purpose of the experience of early group activity and the professional knowledge of the teacher to solve these problems. Then it's to be desired that group activity agencies are built as the demand of the residents for the parents who can't afford to let their children experience such agencies, and for the children whose houses are far from such agencies.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsⅠ. 緖論 = 1 A. 硏究目的 = 1 B. 硏究問題 = 4 C. 槪念定義 = 4 D. 硏努方法 및 範圍 = 6 Ⅱ. 理論的 背景 = 10 A. 社會化의 槪念 = 10 B. 社會化와 父母 및 家庭의 影響 = 12 C. 祉會化와 早期集團經驗의 重要性 = 16 Ⅲ. 資料分析 및 解釋 = 23 A. 調査對象者의 現況 = 23 B. 집단활동경험에 영향을 끼치는 환경적요인의 현황 = 26 C. 아동의 집단활동경험과 그에 대한 父母의 태도나 인식 = 32 結論 = 105 參考文獻 = 119 부록 학령전 아동의 집단경험 인식에 관한 조사설문지-
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dc.title學齡前 兒童의 集團學習 經驗에 대한 父母의 認識과態度-
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dc.title.subtitle舍當-洞地域을 中心으로-
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