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靑磁象嵌과 靑銅銀入絲 무늬의 比較硏究

靑磁象嵌과 靑銅銀入絲 무늬의 比較硏究
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(A) Study on Pattern of Celadon Inlay and Silver Inlay Comparison
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대학원 도예과
이화여자대학교 대학원
靑磁象嵌은 우리民族의 工藝技術 중에서도 技法의 獨創性으로 많은 관심의 대상이 되고 있으나 象嵌技法 創案의 動機는 알려지지 않고 다만, 靑磁象嵌에 앞서 발달했던 금속의 象嵌技法에서 영향을 받았으리라고 짐작할 따름이다. 이에 Ⅰ장에서는 이들 두 技法으로 施文된 무늬들은 어떤 관련을 갖고 발전하였나를 연구목적으로 정하고 그에따른 方法과 範圍를 결정하였다. Ⅱ장에서는 靑磁象嵌과 靑銅銀入絲가 발달하였던 高麗의 時代的 背景을 살펴봄으로써 이러한 工藝品이 성행하였던 환경적인 요인을 알아 보았고, Ⅲ장에서는 靑磁象嵌과 靑銅銀入絲의 材料와 施文技法에 대해 알아보았는데 이는 施文技法이 무늬의 형태를 결정지우는 요인이 되므로 개별적인 분석에 앞서 그 무늬가 나오게된 技術에 대한 이해를 도왔고, Ⅳ장에서는 무늬를 분류하고 두 技法에 대한 개별적 고찰 뒤에 비교하는 형식을 취해 각 무늬의 공통점과 차이점을 밝혀 보았다.;Celadon Inlay has been attracting great interest of many people for its originality of the techniques among the industrial arts of our people, but the motive of celadon inlay technical idea orginality hasn't yet been known. It is only presumed that it was influenced by the metal inlay techniques which had been developed before celadon inlay. Chapter Ⅰ concentrates on the study how and with what relation the patterns (designs) made by these two techniques had been developed, and has determined the methods and scope. Chapter Ⅱ takes a close look at the historical back-ground in Koryo Era when celadon inlay and silver thread inlay in bronze were developed on the purpose of finding out the environmental factor in which such industrial arts had been popular. Chapter Ⅲ studied on the materials required for celadon inlay and silver thread inlay in bronze, and inlaid-techniques. As inlaid-techniques are the major factor to determine the shapes of patterns (designs), this chapter helps, prior to individual analysis on the patterns, to understand the techniques by which such patterns came into being. Chapter Ⅳ tried to find out the common points and the difference among each pattern by way of classifying patterns and considering individually on two types of techniques for comparison.
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