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人體의 中心運動에 관한 硏究

人體의 中心運動에 관한 硏究
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대학원 조소과
이화여자대학교 대학원
우주의 무한한 物質空間 속에 모든 存在 均衡은 中心과 그에 작용하는 대상의 힘의 均衡을 이루려 하는 關係에서 알아볼 수 있다. 이런 면에서 인간의 精神構造와 身體構造라는 이중의 存在體系는 정신구조를 中心으로 相互補完的인 생각과 활동을 일체시키려 하면서 精身의 存在체계를 더욱 심화시키려 한다고 볼 수 있을 것이다. 따라서 인간의 무한한 思考力 開發 만큼이나 현실의 영역도 넓어져 왔지만 언제나 中心을 향하려는 志向은 인류역사에서 均衡活動을 지속하며 발전되어 왔다. 본 연구의 목적은 인간의 精神이 身體活動의 中心으로서 작용하며 정신과 신체의 相互補完的 空間活動을 인체표현의 각 彫像을 통해서 찾아보려는 것으로 연구의 내용은 삶의 관점에 대한 내용을 서두로 하여 視知覺的 感覺活動으로 본 각 身體機能의 中心과 境界를 알아 보고 中心의 均衡活動은 공간상에 垂直 · 水平運動의 구조를 가지고 각 彫像을 통해 mass와 方向性으로 제시 되었다. 본 연구의 방법은 문헌연구와 작품제작 및 분석을 병행했으며 작품제작은 각 像(頭像, 토루소, 胸像, 半身像, 全身像)의 특성을 연구하여 垂直 · 水平 空間에 각각 mass를 형성 시켰다. 따라서 본 연구의 결과는 다음과 같다. 첫째, 頭像 토루소 胸像은 각각 垂直 · 水平 각 좌표축에 가깝게 형성되는 空間에서의 "構造的 특징"을 가진다. 둘째, 半身像 全身像은 垂直 · 水平의 구조 안에서 空間上의 "造動性의 機能"이 강조 된다. 세째, 精神構造와 身體構造가 垂直 · 水平의 空間 안에서 완전한 活動性을 갖는 것은 全身像에서 이며, 頭像에서부터 全身像에 이르면서 空間의 活動영역은 확대된다.;Man has a mental structure that systematizs the material world and space of this infinite cosmos, and all the laws of being can be established on the relationship of force balance between the center and its counter parts. Man who has the double system of being, that is mental structure and body, harmonized his thought with living conditions, and furthermore meets his reality. The realm of reality is as broad as man's infinite thought, but the center is always invisible to man and his activity for balance continues until he renunciates himself. The purpose of this study is to represent man's mentality and physical activities in the three-dimen-sional space consisted of horizontal and vertical by defining their interdependent relationship and finally to explain that man's mentality functions as the center of his physical activities. In the main discourse of this study, a classification between the center and the border of each physieal function has been dealt, and there is a composition of the structures of the oval, horizontal and vertical movements by the mass and direction for the balance of central movement. The method of this study has been exercised through selecting those sculptures like head form, bust, torso, half-length and full-length figures and analyzing the characteristics of physical functions represented in each form based on reference research and actual manufacturing of a work and analysis of it. In manufacturing a work, I have made use of each characteristic physical aspect as the mass according to the oval movement, and estabtished a co-ordinate of the horizontal and vertical space (that is, the mental dimension of man on vertical axis) to examine each mental and physical elements. And the consequences are as follows ; First, the head form that represents man's mentality, and the torso that represents material and physieal functions showed themselves near at both horizontal and vortical axes. Second, the bust consisted of a heart and head showed itself very near at each co-ordinate axis. Third, the half-length figure took a triangle form on the co-ordinate, that means it actually has no movement or activity. Fourth, in the full-length figure, man's mentality and body act completely as the formative factors that express their interdependent relationship. Fifth, if the center of body and each physical section act interdependently for balance, the lines on the co-ordinate which represent them will cross eaeh other and take a gradient direction gradually. Sixth, mentality and body represent complete interdependent relationship as the content and movement, in the full-length figure.
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