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Herbert Ferber 作品에 관한 硏究

Herbert Ferber 作品에 관한 硏究
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Study on the Works of Herbert Ferber
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대학원 조소과
Herbert Ferber작품조소
이화여자대학교 대학원
激變하는 藝術의 狀況에서 多樣한 造形世界를 전개한 Herbert Ferber의 作品分析을 통해 表現過程과 特性을 考察함으로써 現代彫刻의 表現樣相을 理解하는데 도움이 되고자 한다. 本 硏究의 目的은 Herbert Ferber의 作品을 分析하여 表現樣相을 檢討하고 造形的 特性을 考察하는데 있다. 本 硏究의 內容은 Hebert Ferber의 造形的 背景과 作品의 表現樣式을 考察하여 그 過程과 特性을 硏究하였으며 末期의 野外作品에서는 獨特한 表現의 特性을 要因別로 分析하였다. 本 硏究의 方法은 文獻과 作品을 基本道具로 하였으며, 文獻은 理論的 背景을 中心으로 硏究하였고, 作品은 分類된 領域에 따라 그 特性別로 目的標出하여 88點을 對象으로, 그 特性을 分析하였다. 硏究의 結果를 要約하면 다음과 같다. 1. Herbert Ferber의 作品은 表現樣式에 따라 具象形態와 抽象形態로 分類된다. 2. 具象形態의 初期作品에서는 表現的인 隱喩가 나타나므로 對照되거나 誇張되게 表現되고, 後期의 作品에서는 歪油된 生態學的 形態의 力動性과 獨特한 內部空間이 形成되고 있다. 3. 抽象形態로 Calligraph形態의 作品에서는 遠心性으로 擴散되거나 空間內에서 自由로운 流動性을 表現하고 있다. 野外作品에서는 단순한 幾何學的 形態의 有機體로서 다양한 造形效果를 나타내고 있다. 4. 末期의 環境空間에서는 태양광선에 의한 陰影效果를 利用하여 量感과 動感에 變化를 가져오며 두 平面이 垂直接合하거나 曲面이나 斜角을 形成하는 方法을 使用하였다. 또한 部分的인 接點에 의한 地面浮上 方法을 使用하여 空中 浮揚感과 懸垂感의 效果를 나타내므로 重量感과 動感에 대한 새로운 의미를 形成하고 있다.;The modern sculpture has showed the diversity in its representation of reality and its expressive forms. The circumstances of modern scupLture have been, as the sociological and cultural conditions, rapidly changing. The characteristic diversity of modern sculpture is found in the works of Herbert Ferber, who created his own plastic arts' world in the fluid society. His works are the representatives of modern sculpture for their mirroring of social atmosphere and their characteristic forms. Thus, it is worth to study the works of Herbert Ferber for our understanding of modern sculpture and the characteristics of plastic arts. For this general purpose this thesis places its critical attitudes on analyzing the Ferber's works for the specific purpose of this thesis; to understand his own expressive forms. According to the specific purpose of this thesis the structure is parted as following; the part to consider the background of the plastic arts of Herbert Ferber, the part to make research on the creative courses and the characteristics of his works and the part to analyze the special quality of his erpression of reality in his later outdoor works with the dominant causes. The elementary materials of this thesis are the works of Herbert Ferber and his theoretical documents. Eighty-eight works of Herbert Ferber are abstracted for this thesis and classified as their forms. Though analyzing the works and documents of Herbert Ferber, I found the following as the results. 1. The works of Herbert Ferber can be divided into two types according to the expressive styles of each works; figurative forms and abstract forms. 2. As a result of oberving the features of the works of figurative forms: firstly, the early works influenced by romanesque sculpture and sculptures by Ernst Barlach express the human body in proportional contrast and exaggeration with a means of expressive metaphor. And his later works which have the peculiarity of psychological discord express the dynamics of the deformed and biomorphic human body. Thus in the later works the negative space is formed around each works. 3. As a result of observing the features of the works of abstract forms; firstly, the works of the open air space forms, especially the works of calligraphic forms, show the centrifugally diffusing movement, and even in the limited space the free flexibility expresses itself. Secondly, the outdoor works combine organically simple forms with those of the geometric such as circles, curved lines, and straight lines, etc. and thus achieve the diverse formative effects and harmony with the natural surroundings. 4. The features showed in his later works of surrounding space are: firstly, divers effects of the volume and moving quality variations through using the momentarily changing solar beams of shade and light. Secondly, the new significance of massive quality by the surface floating mekthod of partial point of contact, that is, a feeling of floating and suspension in the air.
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