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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2006Parenting beliefs and behaviors: Initial findings from the international consortium for the study of social and emotional development (ICSSED)도현심Book Chapter
2013Modifiable Factors on Use of Adaptive Strategies Among Functionally Vulnerable Older Persons지연경Article
2007The psychology of diaspora experiences: Intergroup contact, perceived discrimination, and the ethnic identity of Koreans in China도현심Article
1999Social competence, maternal attentiveness, and overprotectiveness: Only children in Korea도현심Article
2005Korean mothers' proactive socialisation beliefs regarding preschoolers' social skills박성연Article
2001The Korean diasporic experience: Measuring ethnic identity in the United States and China박성연; 도현심Article
2014Growth of social competence during the preschool years: A 3-year longitudinal study신나나Article
2014Interparental Conflict, Parenting Behavior, and Children's Friendship Quality as Correlates of Peer Aggression and Peer Victimization Among Aggressor/Victim Subgroups in South Korea신정희Article
2013German and Korean mothers' sensitivity and related parenting beliefs박성연Article
2014Dyadic analyses of preschool-aged children's friendships: Convergence and differences between friendship classifications from peer sociometric data and teacher's reports신나나Article
2013Religiosity/spirituality and life satisfaction in Korean American adolescents김상원Article
2012Influence of marital conflict on young children's aggressive behavior in South Korea: The mediating role of child maltreatment도현심; 김상원; 김민정Article
2012Perceived parental psychological control and adolescent depressive experiences: A cross-cultural study with Belgian and South-Korean adolescents박성연Article
2012Pathways from non-Korean mothers' cultural adaptation, marital conflict, and parenting behavior to bi-ethnic children's school adjustment in South Korea도현심; 신정희Article
2011A Multiple Risk Factors Model of the Development of Aggression Among Early Adolescents From Urban Disadvantaged Neighborhoods김상원Article
2011Adolescent spirituality and resilience: Theory, research, and educational practices김상원Article
2011Social skills training and parent education programs for aggressive preschoolers and their parents in South Korea도현심; 김민정Article
2010Student personal perception of classroom climate: Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses김상원Article
2010Is Aggression the Same for Boys and Girls? Assessing Measurement Invariance With Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Item Response Theory김상원Article
2008How does culture influence the degree of romantic loneliness and closeness?신나나Article