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이혼 여성 한부모가족의 가족탄력성이 가족적응에 미치는 영향

이혼 여성 한부모가족의 가족탄력성이 가족적응에 미치는 영향
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Influence of Family Resilience on Adaptation of Divorced Single Mother Families
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대학원 소비자인간발달학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
본 연구는 강점관점에 기초하여 이혼 여성 한부모가족의 가족적응에 가족탄력성이 어떠한 효과를 나타내는지 보고자 한 것이다. 기존의 이혼 여성 한부모가족에 대한 선행연구는 결점관점에 근거한 연구가 주를 이루고 왔고, 이러한 결점 관점은 부적응의 감소측면에서 이혼 여성 한부모가족에게 개입하고자 했다. 그러나 최근에는 한부모가족을 새로운 가족의 형태로 받아들이면서 이혼 여성 한부모가족을 강점관점으로 재조명하고 있다. 그 흐름 중 하나가 가족탄력성에 관한 연구이다. 따라서 본 연구는 가족탄력성 개념을 이혼 여성 한부모가족에게 적용하여, 가족탄력성이 이혼 여성 한부모가족의 가족적응에 미치는 영향을 살펴보는 것에 목적이 있다. 특히 가족탄력성의 영향력을 구체적으로 살피기 위하여 가족탄력성이 이혼여성 한부모가족에 미치는 영향을 주효과와 완충효과의 조절효과, 매개효과로 나누어 살펴보았고, 그 효과성을 입증하였다. 또한 이혼스트레스보다 가족탄력성이 이혼 여성 한부모가족의 가족적응을 더 잘 설명하는 변인임을 입증하였다. 이러한 결과는 이혼 여성 한부모가족에 대한 부정적 시각을 강점관점의 시각으로 전환시키고, 강점 성장의 개입을 시도할 수 있는 기초 자료가 될 것이다.;The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence on family resilience of divorced single-mother families at the family adaptation by applying strength perspective. In other words, which factor explained better on adaptation of a family supporting divorced single-mother families between divorce stress and family resilience was studied. Also, the importance of family resilience for improving those families' resilience were tried to prove through verification of hypothesis on mediating effect and mediating effect of family resilience factors. The summary of the results is as follows. First, the family adaptation is well explained by family resilience rather than divorce stress. Divorce stress and adaptation are in negative correlation and the adjusted R square of family adaptation by divorce stress is 29%. Family resilience and family adaptation have relatively high positive correlation and the adjusted R square of family adaptation by family resilience is 69%. It showed that family resilience is a main effect on family adaptation. Second, family resilience functioned to moderate family adaptation between divorce stress. The statistically significant variables on family adaptation was the interaction variables of divorce* organizational patterns. Therefore, it concluded that family resilience is not only a main effect on family adaptation but also in relation to divorce stress have interaction effect. Third, of find that subordinate factors of family resilience act as a mediator variable on negative influence on family's adaptation by divorce stress supporting divorced single-mother families, a multiple regression was executed on three conditions of a mediator variable, which are influence of divorce stress on family adaptation, influence of divorce stress on family resilience's subordinate factors, and influence of family resilience's subordinate factors on family adaptation. As a result, mediating effect of organizational patterns was proved, and it was found that organizational patterns acted as a full medium form thorough verification of its medium function.
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