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녹두(Vigna radiata W.) 하배축과 잎에서의 에틸렌 생성에 대한 Methyl Jasmonate의 효과

녹두(Vigna radiata W.) 하배축과 잎에서의 에틸렌 생성에 대한 Methyl Jasmonate의 효과
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Effects of methyl jasmonate on ethylene production in mungbean(vigna radiata W.) hypocotyl and leaf segments
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대학원 생물과학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Methyl jasmonete(MeJA)가 녹두(Vigna radiata W.) 하배축과 잎에서 에틸렌 생성에 미치는 영향을 조사하였다. 녹두 하배축에서 에틸렌의 생성은 MeJA의 농도에 비례하여 억제되며 450μM에서 50% 정도 억제된다. 이러한 MeJA의 억제 효과는 3시간 이후부터 나타나서 24시간까지도 지속되었다. 하배축에서 MeJA는 ACC oxidase의 활성을 감소시켜 에틸렌 생성을 억제시키며 또한 ACC synthase의 활성을 촉진시키는 IAA의 작용을 억제시킴으로써 IAA에 의해 유도되는 에틸렌 생성을 억제시킨다. 하배축에서 에틸렌 생성을 억제시키는 MeJA가 잎에서는 에틸렌 생성을 촉진시켰다. 즉 잎에서 4.5μM MeJA는 12시간 후 에틸렌 생성을 65%까지 증가시키며 이것은 MeJA가 하배축에서와는 달리 ACC oxidase의 활성을 촉진시킨 결과로 나타났다. 또한 잎에서는 10^(-4)M IAA는 MeJA와 상승적으로 에틸렌 생성을 촉진시킨다. 이상의 결과들은 MeJA가 잎과 하배축에서 에틸렌 생성 경로에 상반되는 작용을 하는데 이것은 아마 MeJA가 막 성질이나 막과 관련된 생리적 현상에 영향을 줌으로써 간접적으로 ACC oxidase의 활성을 변호시켜 에틸렌 생성을 촉진시키거나 억제시키는 것으로 생각된다.;Effects of methyl jasmonate(MeJA) on ethylene production mungbean(vigna radiatea W.) hypocotyl and leaf segments were studied. Ethylene production in mungbean hypocotyl segments was decreased in proportion to MeJA concentrations and 450μM of MeJA shown 50% of inhibitory effect. This inhibitory effect appeared after 3hrs of incubation period and continued until 24hrs. Inhibition of ethylene production by MeJA was due to the decrease in ACC oxidase activity. However, MeJA treatment had no effect on ACC content and ACC synthase activity. MeJA also inhibited auxin-induced ethylene production in hypocotyls. To investigate the mechanisms of the inhibitory effect of MeJA on the auxin-induced ethylene production, ACC synthase and ACC oxidase activity were examined after MeJA treatment. MeJA decreased the ACC content, ACC synthase activity as well as ACC oxidase activity in the tissue. These results suggest that the inhibition of MeJA on auxin-induced ethylene production is not due to the direct inhibitory effects of MeJA on the ACC synthase, but to the inhibition of the ability of IAA to promote the synthesis of ACC synthase. On the contray, Ethylene production from the detached mungbean leaves was stimulated by MeJA. The rate of ethylene production increased approximately 65% over the control after 12hrs of incubation period by 4.5μM MeJA. When MeJA was applied to detached leaves along with IAA, the effect of MeJA appeared to be additive. In an affort to elucidate mechanisms of MeJA action on auxin-induced ethylene production in the leaf tissue, effects of ACC synthase and ACC oxidase activity were studied. MeJA stimulate ACC oxidase activity but not affect on ACC synthase activity in leaf tissue. Together, these results have suggested that MeJA plays different roles in the ethylene production in the different mungbean tissues
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