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조선조 궁중정재 복식연구

조선조 궁중정재 복식연구
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대학원 무용학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The reason why dancing is somewhat different in proportion to eras and regions is the trend of eras and those of regions is reflected by dencing. Therefore, to study of dress and its ornaments for dancings(call "Bok-Sik") must be do much to help not only further studying for "Bok-Sik" of each era but also understanding social usages of that. In aoldition to, fasther studying for "Bok-Sik" of a certain dancing can let us know what a formation of the dancing is, How the dancing is classified and what a motion of dancing is. This thesis is studies basic dresses of 3 dancings-"Cheo-Yong-Mu", "Yeon-Hwa-Dae-Mu" and "Hak-Mu"-of "Jo-Seon", Dynasty in order to promote full understanding characters of fraditional dress and "Jo-Seon-Jeong-Jea" of Korea Symthetically. A general character of "Bok-Sik" of "Jo-Seon-Jeon-Jae" was dressess were almost to same as court dressess which give to upper classes satisfaction visually because dancings of "Jo-Seon" Dymasty were done daring. Important ceremovies for prospeity and authority of Royal "Jo-Seon-Jeong-Jae" Which was so important like this and "Bok-Sik" of "Jeong-Jae" had been changed and developed. Especially, the period of laing "Seon-Jo", "Jeong-Jae" was confrouted "Golden Period" There were two main reason, one was choreographers created new "Jeong-Jae", and the other was "Mu-Dong" and "You-Ryong" were devided to what a ceremony was. "Bok-Sik" of "You-Ryong" beceome a fundation as a result from reval of "Jeong-Jae-Yen-Ryong" and then, the charactes of each "Bok-Sik" per each "Jeong-Jae" were introduced. In varions type of "Jeong-Jae" of "Jo-Seon" Dymasty, "Cheo-Yong-Mu", "Yoen-Haw-Dae-Mu" and "Hak-Mu" have been studied in this thesis preponderantly "Cheo-Yong-Mu" was started for a period of King "Heon-Kang" of "Silla" Dymasty. It came to be derived from "Legend of Drogon", "Rythm of Poetry" and "constraction of temples" Character for "Bok-Sik" of "Cheo-Yong-Mu" were, firstly, 5 colors-blue, yellow, blook, white and red one - were expressed in dress according to a direction. Secondly, the metarial of shoes was leathe at the first time in history nd lastly, damcers wore a mask called "Cleo-Yong-Ka-Meyn". "Bok-Sik" of "Yeon-Haw-Dae-Mu" were classified with dress of "Mu-Dong" and those of "Yeo-ki". The dress of "Yeo-Ki" were decorated more brilliant them that of "Mu-Dong". Character of "Bok-Sik" of "Yeo-Ki" was that dress were very colofal and brilliant using by yellow or red. "Hak-Mu", was started form the period of "Koryo" Dymasty, was successed to "Jo-Seon", "Hak-Mu" was danced with above two dances during important ceremonies of Dymasty. Characters of "Hak-Mu" were it was willing to show elegance figure of real crane. It was one of dance which showed beaty of art by express of winged animal Above mentioned the dresses of "Jeong-Jae" were almost the same as costumes of that period. This is the reason why this thesis are writhem. The study for his theme should be kept on with due to appreciating and transmisstion of our traditional culture for development of our dance.
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