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에어로빅 운동 지도자에 대한 참가자의 기대도에 관한 실태조사

에어로빅 운동 지도자에 대한 참가자의 기대도에 관한 실태조사
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(A) Study on participants' expectations to the aerobic dance instructors
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The purpose of this survey were as follows 1) Because of the strong influences from mass-communication measures, there will be no difference among the age levels in expectations and the aerobic dance instructors. The appearance of the instructors will be shown as a fashionable characteristic. 2) Because of rise of health awareness among the Korean people, there will be strong tendencies to acquire health and fitness information from the instructors besides aerobic dance techniques. 3) There will be no difference in teaching techniques between Physical education, sports instruction and aerobic dance instruction in their participants' expectations. 4) there will be a great trend toward the good communication development with the istructor and the participants themselves. The subjects used in survey were 476 adult females (18-60 year old) who have been participating in some aerobic dance classes in commercial based sports clubs or fitness studio. A questionnaire which consists of' 25 items was issued directly to the above subjects. The statistical computations were excuted by the use of a personal computer Some of the findings of this study are as follows: 1) The data concering the sex and age preference indicated that most of the participants desired to have lessons by female instructors who were same or above of their ages 2) The data concerning the instructor' appearance indicated that their height was 160 ∼164 cm and it was desirable that they were slim and muscular. 3) The data showed that the instructor was desirable to wear a fashionable and bright costum, and some accessories if those did not make any disturbances for exercises. 4) The data concerning the acqusition of health and fitness information from the instructor indicated that there were a strong tendency among the participants. It was verified the hypothesis. 5) The data concerning teaching techniques such a name, location, direction, the voice of counting, expression and degree of movements did not verify. The study showed great tendencies that the participants desired to make a good communication with the instructor.
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