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스키 상해에 대한 실태조사

스키 상해에 대한 실태조사
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(An) Analisis about of trauma of skier
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
本 硏究는 스키어의 傷害에 對한 實態를 調査하여 스키어에게 發生하는 상해를 예방할 수 있는 參考資料를 제공하는 것이 그 目的이다. 이 目的을 수행하기 위해 '86/'87시즌, '87/'88年度 시즌, 두 시즌동안 스키를 타다 傷害를 입은 사람을 謂査對象으로 하였고 용평 스키장에 파견된 경희 의료원의 의무일지를 根據로 月別, 傷害部位別, 傷害形態別, 性別, 年齡別, 場所別 等으로 分類하여 조사하였다. 이 資料를 조사한 결과 다음과 같은 結論을 얻었다. 1. 月別 事故件數를 比較해보면 1月이 48.4%로 가장 높은 比率을 보였다. 2. 發生形態別도 큰 比率을 基準으로 보면 염좌, 열상 및 찰과상, 골절, 탈골 順이었다. 3. 골절발생 부위별도 큰 比率을 基準으로 보면 하퇴가 51.8%로 가장 많이 차지 하였다. 4. 성별에 따른 골절발생 分布는 남자 57.8%, 여자 42.2%이다. 5. 골절발생 年齡別로 보면 10代가 가장 많고 20代, 10代미만, 30代, 40代, 50代. 60代 順으로 나타났다. 6. 傷害時 場所別로 보면 初級者코스가 32.5%로 가장 높았다. 7. 스키를 대여받은 사람이 스키소유자보다 더 많은 골절사고를 보였다. 8. 스키經歷別로 골절환자를 살펴보면 初級者가 전제의 절반가량을 차지했다;The purpose of this study is presentation of reference data and preventing the trauma of skier by stastically analyzed value of present states of skier's trauma. The subjects are traumatic skiers (1,888) who medically examined treated in medical center of Yong-Pyeong ski Resort, and the medical records are analyzed. The results and findings were as follow ; 1. The number of accidents per month is 48.4% in january, 33.2% in february and 18.4% in december, orderly. 2. In the point of view of developing types of accidents, the incidence of sprain is 23%, laceration is 10.9%, fracture is 7.8%, dislocation is 1.4% and other types are 56.9%. 3. In the point of view of lesions of accidents, the lower legs are 51.8%, the finger fractuces are 32.6% and the lesions of the upper limbs, knee joints, upper legs and head are less than 5%. 4. Sexually male gets highest incidence than female(l5.6%). 5. The order of accidents of age is one decade, which is 43.4%, two decades, under one decade, three decades, four decades, five decades and six decades. 6. The locations of trauma are the easy slope which is 32.5, the difficult slope which is 35%, and the very difficult slope which is 15.3%. 7. The skier who has a rental ski gets more frequency(60.2%) of injury than the skier who has own ski. 8. In the point of view of ski career, the incidence of accidents is consist of 48.1% of biginner, 31.4% of intermediate grade and 20.5% of high grade. Discussion Nexts are discussed for preventing ski accidents. 1. The more and more development of the ski resorts and slopes is needed for increasing ski population. 2. The skier's advanced skills are needed for preventing fracture and trauma, and the foundations of the more ski school and lectures are needed. 3. The perfect method of griping ski pole is neccessory to prevent finger frature. 4. The increasing incidence of accidents of woman means the increase of woman skier, so the concepts and common knowledge about preventing of ski accidents should be known. 5. To prevent ski accidents of one decade, uncontrolled skiing should be avoided, and the proper ski slope is selected. 6. To prevent the accidents of the rental skier, comfortable and proper ski set of ski should be selected by advisor. 7. The biginners should ski properly after take skill from recognized ski instructor, inspite of reckless ski. 8. The detailed informations about slope and skilled recognized patrols are needed for begiriner's ski accidents.
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