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기하학적 공간분할에 의한 조형성연구

기하학적 공간분할에 의한 조형성연구
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대학원 서양화과
이화여자대학교 대학원
면화된 회화공간을 추구하고자 했으며, tache의 반복으로 인해 지워지고 겹쳐지면서 드러나는 繪畵性 즉, 보여지거나 보여지지 않는, 또는 투영성, Contrast, taxture와 같은 물질성의 문제를 연구하였다. 本 論文의 理論的 기반으로서 기하학적 추상을 대표한다고 할 수 있는 Piet Mondrian(1872∼1944)의 수직, 수평선의 이론적 배경연구와 색채사용이나 구조적 전개 및 분석에 있어서 독창적인 Minimal Art의 대표적인 작가인 Kennnth Noland(1924∼), 색채로서의 물질감을 중시하여 Monochrome 작업을 한 Robert Ryman(1930∼) 작품을 근거로 연구하였다. 이러한 作品製作 연구를 통하여 本人의 작품제작 방법과 表現제작과정에서 나타나는 視知覺을 비교 분석함으로서 화면의 구조적 연구와 밀도있는 표현방법, 기법상의 문제를 연구하여 새로운 作品世界 방향으로 추구해 나감으로서 本人의 회화적인 예술성과 創意的 作品으로 展開해 보고자 한다.;Following the termination of the Second World War, among the complicatedly diversified social structure and a rapidly changing situation of the times, as for an ideology, "existentialism" has come into being, while a so-called "abstract fine arts" that pursue one' s own subjective world have emerged through consciously or unconsciously diversified expressive devices in terms of fine arts. The abstract fine arts are divided into a geometrical abstraction of intellectual propensity with distinctive color by restoring a lyrical abstraction and a form with laying emphasis on the expression of the internal world to the most simplified geometrical elements. These have been succeeded by color abstract "Pop Art", "Op Art" and "Kinetic Art" through an abstract expressionism and with the advent of the 1970th, by separating the frame and the cloth of "minimal art, monochrome" canvas that would present the plane picture which would disappear even its depth, composition ‥‥ and image together with the implicative least restored form, a "Support/surface Croup" that intends to restore the pictures perfectly into the material itself has been unfolded. Among the streams of modern fine arts developed and coexisted with the various experimental attitude of these pictures and the expressive mode, the direction of this writer's works has been studied in the category of geometrical abstraction. With inclining the concern in the expression and the development derived from the planeness and the materiality of pictures, it is intended to seek for the plane picture space composed with the geometrical form that would simplify it into the essential core of minimal propensity on the basis of configuration expressed in natural subjects. Due to the repetition of tache, the problems of materiality such as the pictorial nature that would expose while being erased and overlapped, namely, transparency that would be shown or not being shown, contrast and taxture have been thoroughly studied in this context. As the theoretical basis of this thesis, a series of studies have been made on the basis of the works of Robert Ryman who completed the device of "Monochrome" with laying emphasis on the materiality as a colour (1930- ) and Kenneth Noland (1924- ) whose works would represent the unique minimal art in the theoretical background study and the use of colours for the vertical, horizontal line of Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) who was known to have been representing the geometrical abstraction or in the structural development and the analysis. Through these productions of the works, with the analysis of comparing the visual sensation that would appear in the production method in connection with the works of this writer and the process of production for its expression, a series of studies have been implemented on the structural research of the pictures and the expressive methods with density and the problems on its techniques. With seeking for the direction of a new world of works it is intended to unfold these elements into the pictorial artistic quality of this writer as well as materializing his creative works as to be expected in this particular regard.
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