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農樂服飾에 관한 硏究

農樂服飾에 관한 硏究
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(A) study on dress and its ornaments for farm music
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대학원 장식미술학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This thesis is intended to pursue a study on dress and its ornaments corresponding to fram music. With regard to its materials, relevant bibiographies and field investigation based upon laying emphasis with fashionable dress and its ornaments for farm music have been both consolidated and described through five regional representations including Pyungtaek, Kangneung, Jinjoo, Iri and Pilbong. The dress and its ornaments among the traditional ones were evenly outfitted with practicability and expressiveness. It is thus the very pastime dress and its ornaments that have been combined by shamanism customs, buddhism and military elements which could be considered as the cultural background of a nation. And, through the dress and its ornaments by each respective district the peculiarities possessed by each respective district coupled with the patterns of dress and ornaments and the the preference for colours have been expressed. The aesthetic features that were appeared in the dress and its ornaments for the fram music could be assessed in following expressive forms: (1) An expression of modernistic formative arts, (2) The colors used by the conceptual colouring device of the pentagonal direction of the Horse, (3) The natural beauty of materials, (4) The unrefined demotic artlessness, (5) The straight line and the formative beauty for the rhythmic circle line, and (6) The expression of diversified rhythmical sense accompained by the method of creative arts, etc. It has been also expressed by the modernistic formative arts through using simple, bold colour arts and the outside circle line of the dress and ornaments expressed in the space, and also, an expressive effect on the stage dress and its ornaments in an open space could be highly appraised. Therefore, in order to realize an effective expression of the aesthetic features for the dress and its ornaments for farm music, such a supplemental device has been presented. In order to succeed and preserve the traditional dress and its ornaments, a series of rearrangement and reception as well as a new perception for the dress and ornaments of farm music in this particular regard should be considered as an imperative subject for which we would have to resolve in the years ahead.;本 論文은 農樂服飾을 연구한 것이다. 그 材料로 대표적인 5개 지역 (平澤, 江陵, 晋州, 裡里, 筆峰)의 服飾을 중심으로 文獻과 現場調査를 바탕으로 정리 기술한 것이다. 傳統服飾중 農樂服飾은 실용성과 표현성을 고루 갖춘 服飾으로, 民族의 文化的 背景이라 할 수 있는 巫俗, 佛敎, 軍의 要素가 습합되어 있는 놀이복식이다. 또한 5개지역 복식을 통해, 복식의 유형 및 색채기호 등의 지역적 특성이 표현되고 있으며, 農樂服飾에 나타나는 美的 特徵은 ① 현대적 조형성의 표현 ② 관념색인 五方色의 色彩使用 ③ 소재의 自然美 ④ 투박한 庶民的 無技巧性 ⑤ 직선과 圓線의 조형미 ⑥ 착장방법에 따른 다양한 리듬감의 표현 등으로 평가될 수 있다. 공간 속에 표현되는 복식 외부의 圓線과 대담하고 단순한 色띠의 사용으로 현대적 조형성이 표현되고 있으며, 또한 야외공간에서의 무대 복식으로써의 표현효과도 높이 평가 될 수 있다. 이러한 농악복식의 미적 특징의 효과적인 표현을 위해 보완되는 방안을 제시했으며, 농악복식에 대한 새로운 인식과 수용 및 재정비는 앞으로 전통놀이복식의 보존을 위해 우리가 해결해야 할 중요한 과제라고 생각한다.
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