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運動選手 傷害에 關한 調査硏究

運動選手 傷害에 關한 調査硏究
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(A) STUDY ON THE INJURIES OF ATHLETICS : Centering on the subscribers of sports accident insurances
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運動選手의 國內外的 活動이 活發하여짐과 同時에, 스포오츠 傷害의 發生 頻度 역시 增加하고 있다. 選手에게 發生되는 傷害는, 競技力 向上의 沮害 要因으로서, 좁게는 選手 自身의 不幸이며, 넓게는 國家的으로 큰 損失이라 아니 할 수 없다. 그러므로 本 硏究는, 種目別 運動選手들에게 發生되는 스포오츠 傷害의 實態를 調査 分析하여, 傷害를 豫防하는데 必要한 기초자료를 確立하고자 하는데, 目的을 두고 있다. 이러한 目的을 修行하기 爲하여, 1982年 3月 1日부터 1983年 2月 28日까지 D保險會社의 스포오츠 傷害保險에 加入된 選手 中 傷害를 입은 1,609名의 選手를 對象으로 傷害實態를 調査하고, 그리고 그 中 150名을 亂選票本 추출하여 必要한 資料를 質間紙法을 利用하여 蒐集한 후, 그 資料를 調査分析한 結果, 다음과 같은 結論을 얻었다. 1. 集團別로는, 團體種目의 傷害가 54.0%로 가장 높게 나타났다. 2. 身體部位別 傷害는, 무릎 20.5%, 발과 발목 20.0%, 허리 17.5%의 順으로 나타났다. 3. 外傷 種類別 傷害는, 捻挫 50.4%, 炎症 11% , 打撲傷 8.7 %의 順으로 나타났다. 4. 傷害發生率이 높은 時期는, 연습도중 53%, 시합도중 29%, 시합직전 15%로 나타났다. 5. 月別 傷害發生率은 6月이 15%로 가장 높게 나타났고, 9月이 12.9%, 11月이 10.8%의 順으로 나타났다. 6. 傷害時 日氣關係는, 흐린날의 傷害者가 맑은날의 傷害者보다 약 9倍 많은 것으로 나타났다. 7. 傷害時 場所는 體育館이 50.0%, 運動場이 20.7%로 나타났다. 8. 傷害時 原因 條件으로는 疲勞가 15.4%, 準備運動不足 13.8%, 相對方의 反則 및 亂暴行爲 10.4%의 順으로 나타났다. 9. 傷害治療는, 病院治療가 50 %, 漢醫院 治療가 34.2%로 나타났다. 10. 傷害發生時 처음 간호를 擔當한 사람은, 同僚가 47 %로 가장 높은 率을 보였다. 11. 傷害 治療期間은. 3 ~ 5 日이 21.9 %로 가장 많으며,選手의 1年 平均 治療日數는 10.4日로 나타났다. 12. 傷害로 因하여 後有症을 겪는 身體部位는, 허리 26.3 %, 무릎 25.9 %로 나타났다. 13. 傷害後의 컨디션 回複狀態는, 전보다 저하된 사람이 49 %로 가장 높게 나타났다. 14. 選手가 생각하는 傷害 豫防方法은, 疲勞回複이 16.3 %, 精神集中이 14.7 %, 運動施設의 補强 및 改善이 9.5 %의 順으로 나타났다.;The frequency of sports injuries has continuously increased together with the promotion of overseas and domestic activities of athletics. Injuries occurred in athletics are thought to be a misery of athletics themselves in a narrow meaning and to be a big loss on the national dimension in a broad view, as a retarded factor. Hence, this study attempts to investigate and analyze the present situations of sports injuries, and then to build up the fundamental materials required to take their preventive measures. In order to achieve these purposes, the actual situations of injuries are observed for 1,609 athletics injured among those who ensure themselves with sports accident insurances in D Insurance Company from March 1, 1982 till February 28, 1983, and the collected materials are analyzed by questionaire method. And the results are as follows; 1) In terms of groups, the injuries of team sports show the highest parcentage as 54.0%. 2) In terms of bodily parts injured, it is placed in order as 20.5% in knee, 17.5% in waist, 20.0% in foot and ankle. 3) In each kind of injuries, it is placed in order as 50.4% in sprain, 11% in inflammation, 8.7% in bruise. 4) In the time when the injuries occur, 53% in exercise, 29% during the game, 15% before the game are highly placed in percentage order. 5) The percentage of injuries in each month includes the highest 15% in June, next 12.9% in September, 10.8% in November. 6) In terms of weather which injuries occur, the number of injured athletics in the cloudy days is 9 times as that in the clear days. 7) In the place of injuries, the gynasium contains 50.0% and the playground 20.7% in percentage. 8) In the causes of injuries, the fatigue is 15.4%; the scarce of warming-up exercise, 13.8%; foul play and harsh behaviours, 10.4%. 9) In terms of treatment methods of injuries, 'in hospitals' shows 50%, and 'in chinese medical hospitals' does 34.2%. 10) Those who conduct the first nursing care are the friends as 47%. 11) In treament periods, '3-5 days' is 21.9% as the highest. And the average treatment period of athletics for a year is 10.4 days. 12) In terms of bodily parts sufferred form aftereffects, it is placed in order as 26.3% in waist, 25.9% in knee. 13) In the recovery status after injuries, the person with decreased conditions presents 49% in the percentage of frequency. 14) In terms of preventive measures of injuries which athletics think, 'the recovery of fatigue' is 16.3%; 'concentration of minds', 14.7%; 'the reinforcement and improvement of sports fecilities', 9.5%.
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