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少年保護 觀察制度에서의 社會事業家의 役割에 관한 小考

少年保護 觀察制度에서의 社會事業家의 役割에 관한 小考
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(The) Role of Social Worker on Juvenile Probation
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대학원 사회사업학과
소년보호 관찰제도; 사회사업가; 청소년; 사회사업학
이화여자대학교 대학원
1. Probation is the action of court which suspends the sentence or Its execution of a convicted defendant and gives him freedom during good behavior under the supervision of a probation officer. But probation for juvenile delinquents is only a from of court disposal which places the juvenile delinquents in a limited state of freedom under the supervision of a probation officer without the procedure for punishment. As juvenile court, therefore juvenile probation, and its methods have emerged from the philosophy and techniques of modern casework and , more particularly, the ideoligies of the childwelfare movement concerning the rights of children and the devices that should be used to meet their needs, the role of the casework oriented probation officer is of great importance. Our juvenile Law regulates probation as one of several ways of disposition of juvenile court, but ha no further provisions about probation officer, their functioning etc. Actually it can be hardly expected that juvenile probation urban our probation system has any successful results. Probation is based on our recognition of offender's need for help and aims to rehabilitate the offenders in community. 2. probation officer should investigate the case, supervise and guide probationers. Success on probation, the- refore, depends mainly upon the efficiency of probation officer should be full time official, skilled social worker trained in the use of community resources, in understanding the behavior of offenders, and in cooportion with psychiatrists and psycologists. 3. Probation officer performs investigation services. The investigation should cover present offense, previous criminal record, family situation, neighborhood environment and other necessary factors of offenders. It provides information to judge in determining whether the offender should be placed on probation, and to probation officer in supervising the probationer. 4. Another roles of probation officer are supervision guidance and assistance of probationer. Supervision is to check and order the probationer to observe the probation condition conditions, while guidance and assistance are to modify and reform the surroundings on him. 5. They are just the direct means of rehabilitating juvenile offender and can be performed effectively only by social worker as therapist for psychological and social therapy. Social worker use central techniques and integrated treatment method for rehabilitation of probationor. Thus, social service and probation, and therefore case work and probation are inseperably combined. They should make a system of interaction. Social worker should intervene probation and accomplish their roles as investigator, guidian, supervisor, reporter and therapist.;少年法제30조1항6호처분인 [保護觀察]은 그 자체가 하나의 훌륭한 제도임에도 불구하고 피보호관찰자의 事後指導에  關한 절차나 規定이 충분치 못하여 그 효과적인 운영을 기대할 수 없게 됨으로써 非行少年을 아무 대책 없이 방면하는데 그치는 하나의 形式的인 制度에 머무르고 있다. 피보호관찰자를 社會에 復歸시키어 正常的인 生活을 하게하고 그들의 再非行을 방지하기 위하여는 少年法院에서의 少年事件 審判을 중심으로 그 前後에 걸쳐 세밀한 조사·분석, 事後管理等이 心要하게 되는데 이러한 일들은 性質上 단순한 法律問題라기 보다는 오히려 刑事政策的 乃至 社會 事業的인 차원에서 다루어져야 하는 것들이다. 그리하여 전문적인 社會事業의 기술과 방법을 이용하는 사회사업가가 소년사건에 개입하는 경우 社會事業家는 조사자로서, 심리중 보호자로서, 사후지도감독자로서, 보고자로서, 중재자로서 선도자 및 치료자로서 역할을 할수있고 그렇게 함으로서 피보호관찰자의 사회복귀를 돕는 동시에 再犯率을 줄이는데 기여를 하고자 한다. 그러므로 本硏究에서는 保護觀察制度에서 사회사업 기술과방법을 이용하여 사후지도하는 社會事業家의 役割을 소개하는 동시에 保護觀察制度 라는 法律制度에 社會事業접근을 결합시키는데 그목적을 두어 少年法上 보호관찰제도의 발전에 다소 기여 하고자 한다.
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