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춘향전을 패러디한 사진 연구 : 키치형식을 중심으로

춘향전을 패러디한 사진 연구 : 키치형식을 중심으로
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디자인대학원 사진전공
이화여자대학교 디자인대학원
My works proposed in this thesis were designed to find new areas and ways to develope an appropriate parody for contemporary sensibility a classic novel, Chunhyangjeon by using emotional and characteristical mode expressed through editorial fashion catalogues. The presented works were manufactured in the form of a series of story catalogues of Chunhyangjeon, for young people. The findings of this study were as follows : First, with regard to the background of story catalogue manufacture, the researcher sought to enhance the effectiveness of brand advertising as representing a image worthy to be remembered by a story-typed method than indicative expression of manufactured goods. Second, with regard to the deployment of story catalogues, the researcher gave each characters peculiar individuality by the adaptation appropriate for contemporary people in the process of re-understanding Chunhyangjeon which has been popular among young people. In the long run, the peculiarity of characters will be in the spotlight again by the above efforts. Third, the researcher manufactured funny fashion catalogues by the contemporary parody which reflecting or considering their preferences appropriate for young people s unconstrained life style, such as free expression, thinking, free-wheeling living pattern at the aspect of the expression method of works. And also, contemporary parody of Chunhyangjeon in the study will be helpful to entertaining people, always expressing himself newly in amusing conceits and witty turns of the existing work. Fourth, at the aspect of advertising effect, the research sought to enhance its effectiveness in the process of systematizing persuasive ability, allusive ability, fashion etc having a marked effect on customers not by the existing brand advertising with sheet, but by story catalogues. Fifth, the researcher enable brand advertising to peculiar color appropriate to variable theme of each phase. For this, the researcher sought to enhance customers cognition of editorial fashion catalogues, and also the researcher did careful planning and judicious judgement of variable factors, such as main subject selection, film selection, photographing, developing-out method etc. As mentioned above, the researcher can say that works in this thesis is far characterful to existing works at the aspect of communicating imagination and aesthetic interest to customers by representing not product manual but story-based catalogue by the application of photo-essay. Especially, the researcher editorial fashion catalogues It is significant for the researcher to escape from existing simple sheet-centered advertising by expressing freely photographer s individuality and creativity through the utilization of editorial fashion catalogues. Because it will be able to offer a wide variety of choices as a new concept of catalogue-typed advertising.
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