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한국전통건축의 비례체계를 이용한 3D documentation 방법에 관한 연구

한국전통건축의 비례체계를 이용한 3D documentation 방법에 관한 연구
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과학기술대학원 건축학과
이화여자대학교 과학기술대학원
So far, the information about Korean Traditional Building is provided with 2D documentation form. But it was difficult to get exact information about roof part, corner bracket system and so on. 3D documentation can supplement this problem and help to understand the structure of bracket system well. This documentation can be most effective method in presenting the Korean Traditional Buildings because it is expressed three dimensional digital form like VRML in the internet. And most of all, the current of times ask a conversion in documentation method to 3D documentation. Therefore this thesis aimed to develop effective 3D documentation method in Injung-Halls bracket system. And this thesis proposed a method making another bracket system in a short time by work with CATIA program applying MML(Multi Model Link). Six results are founded from this study. First, a standard size of component is width of chumcha. And this makes possible to find out proportion system of all components. Second, sizes of each component have internal relation and external relation. Internal relation is the rule of producing the component and external relation is the rule of influencing another component sizes. Third, external relation operates in one region. In bracket system, a region is classified in region of connecting bracket system, region of chumcha, region of salmy and region of beam. Region of connecting bracket system is influenced on distance between bracket systems, region of chumcha is width of judu, soro and region of salmy is the distance of chlmoc. Fourth, there is prototype. This is basis of component that have similar type. This is a ideal size of carpenter's plan when they design the building at the first time. Fifth, In CATIA, by use of standard parameter, they can transform component type applying internal relation in part modeling and external relation in product assembly modeling with MML(Multi Model Link). These make possible to transform to another bracket system and to produce new one. Six, the merits of 3D documentation are being able to understand the traditional building completely in a short time, appropriating for education because the public can understand easily the structure of Korean traditional building, and providing exact information.
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