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韓,中間 直接投資 擴大方案에 관한 硏究

韓,中間 直接投資 擴大方案에 관한 硏究
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(A) study on foreign direct investment between Korea and China
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대학원 경제학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The purpose of this paper is to try to grope for the effective foreign direct investment advancement scheme between korea and china market by analyzing the present economic interchange situation. As examined above, since Korean-Sino amity, the economic interchange between two countries has been rapidly increasing both in trade and investment on the basis of their mutual complementary economic structures such as capital and technology. So, this paper focuses on their mutual complement of economic interchange between two countries. Since Korea has been economic interchange for a long time with North America, Middle East, and Europe, Korea has accumulated know-how about foreign investment. But the experience toward China is weak. Therefore, Korea should set up aiming at their long-ranged investment strategy toward China. As above examined, we had results basis of China investment direction of Korea enterprises. First, we must intensify the information of investment circumstance. We know that China has a big potential ability. But, our information about China investment is insufficient. Therefore, we should activate existing government organization and systems related to China. Second, we need many-sided economic cooperation between two countries. The investment motive of Korean enterprise toward China is performed by aiming at the production of export commodity of the 3rd nation to use the cheap labor and abundant raw material of China. From now on, we should set up the strategy for the Chinese domestic market. Namely, we need effective investment scheme aimed at the Chinese domestic market and social overhead capital. Third, we should intensify about technological interchange between two countries. For that, we should change labor-intensive investment into capital and technology-intensive investment, and we need to transfer labor-intensive facilities into inland area. Finally, we should strengthen cooperation among the Korean enterprises that launched the China. Therefore, we should set up the effective cooperation system between government and enterprises. On the other hand, it is important that the Chinese great capital to attract toward Korea. Though Chinese investment level toward Korea is very tiny, the amount of the investment is increasing by degrees. Accordingly, we have several plans in order to magnify the Chinese capital attraction toward Korea. First of all, we should set up a certain attraction goal. Also, we should make an effort for the improvement of investment surroundings. So we need to listen to the requirement matters of Chinese and Korean enterprises. Futhermore, for the attraction of capital investment, we need to elastically operate supporting organizations and systems. In conclusion, we should fortify the increasement of investment of the existing investment enterprises. It is important not only to attract Chinese capital, but also to control the Chinese enterprises that are already active in Korea.
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