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중국어 교사 선발에 관한 연구 : 중국어 임용 고사 문항분석을 중심으로

중국어 교사 선발에 관한 연구 : 중국어 임용 고사 문항분석을 중심으로
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교육대학원 중국어교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The objective of this study is to examine the issues in appointing Chinese language teacher currently executed and to propose the scheme of improvement. Consequently, study has been processed with analysis of questions of examination to appoint Chinese language teacher as well as survey. As a result of study, major contents are summarized as following. Chinese language teachers in high school are primarily appointed publicly and it is implemented by the tests twice. With regard to the first test, it is structured of examination of education and relevant major subject. Additional score and score of university are reflected to the result of examination depending on each education bureau in the city and province. Second test is executed only for those who have passed the first test. Though test subject and ratio of score to be allocated vary by each education bureau in the city and province, it is generally implemented with statement, interview and an ability to demonstrate teaching. Number of successful applicant in terms of the first test is 1.2 times more than estimated teachers to be appointed and number of final successful candidates is within 1.0 time of scheduled teachers based on the sum up of the first and second test result in order of the score. Average competition rate of Chinese language teacher to be publicly appointed is 13.2 : 1 up to 2000 from 1997 when test of major subject has been converted with subjective questions. According to the 7th education course to be effectuated, discretional activity including Chinese language is scheduled to be newly enforced in middle school as a selective subject, which is expected to increase demand of Chinese language teacher in future. According to the analysis result of questions of the examination to appoint Chinese language teacher, average allocation of weight in examination is 24.6% of education subject, 62.9% of relevant subject contents and 12.5% of literature. Particularly, education subject is focussed on teaching method and theory of education while contents are reading, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation/intonation and composition and conversation. Concerning literature, common questions to evaluate cognition level of feature of each era in terms of literature history were dominant, which is appropriate to assess the culture which Chinese teacher must possess in my opinion. However, it has been resulted that current appointment system of Chinese teacher is not quite adequate in order to assess specialty according to the survey on examination items of appointment and method to appoint teachers. It indicated that the most important ability which Chinese language teacher must possess is an educational ability of Chinese, which is demonstrated by method of teaching, but current appointment system is not adequate to evaluate it. On top of that, more practical and rational method to select teachers have been required such as adjusting lower the ratio and level of literature questions or implementing test of listening and speaking etc. Based on the analysis of questions of examination to appoint teachers, I propose scheme to improve appointment system as following. First, scope of examination to appoint teacher, ratio of questions and standard must be established and publicized in order to secure objectivity and adequacy. Second, appropriate questions to evaluate educational ability of Chinese must be developed by established education subject of Chinese. Third, questions of examination must be adjusted and new questions must be developed. Ratio of questions relevant to literate must be decreased within 10% and each specific areas such as education of subject and contents of subject must be evenly combined. Furthermore, items to test an ability to understand Chinese culture which is basically required for Chinese language teacher must be developed. Forth, listening and speaking ability must be evaluated. What is currently implemented in Department of English must be applied to Department of Chinese so that practical conversational ability must be secured by Chinese language teacher. Fifth, statement and interview method must be improved so that a sense of duty and passion for teaching, one of the abilities of Chinese language teacher can be more properly assessed. Sixth, various types of appointment must be studied. For example, level of HSK test is specified with score and relevant additional score is reflected and performance to demonstrate teaching is actively promoted. Seventh, it is expected that education bureaus in each city and province research demand/supply of teachers by region in advance with more immediate notice of appointment of teachers and publicize required number of teacher by subject in order to minimize time and economical loss to the applicants. Result of this study will be beneficial for study of Chinese education hopefully in future and more brisk research in this area is anticipated.
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