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남,북한 경제교류 및 협력 활성화에 관한 연구

남,북한 경제교류 및 협력 활성화에 관한 연구
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대학원 경제학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The Government of People has been enforcing Haetbyot policy with consistency and sincerity. This policy obtains fruitful results such as a historic Summit Meeting between the South and North from June 13, 2000 to 15 and Joint Declaration, in which both parties agreed on five articles that would break the ice between the two sides and build a bridge to co-prosperity. After Summit Meeting, the economic cooperation may be effective in the aspect of establishing official institution, decreasing the possibility of danger politically and gradual improving North Korea s SOC. As an investment market, it is true that the North Korea has been under many restrictions because of contradictory attitude in connection of security of his regime, shortage of SOC, economic hardship and so on, although the North Korea has the strong points such as cheap and plentiful labor and potential market. After Summit Meeting both parties seems to be agreed on the basic matter that the South and the North should take on a new aspect in positive attitude. This thesis is aiming on the discussion of the direction of the new era of economic cooperation, considering this economic cooperation as a jumping opportunity, by analyzing possible effect of historic Summit Meeting on economic cooperation. Therefore it focuses on the creating circumstance, which is activating interchange of economics between the South and the North. Before Summit Meeting, there were derived following issues in regard to economic cooperation. 1) Form of trade 2) Transportation method 3)Way of communication 4) Customs formalities 5) Payment, and so on. Study considers the improvement plan classified by long-term and short-term. Firstly, following short-term improvement plan is suggested 1) Supporting related cost 2)Searching Possible trading goods between the South and the North 3)Issuing Trade-Insurance between the South and the North 4)Establishing train course for the trade between the South and the North. Long-term improvement plan considers the following. 1)Rapid recovery of Korea Economy, 2)Payment in won for the trading between the South and the North. 3)Trade by investment. Moreover if the official supports such as establishing the laws and administrative formality, government s backing for the Economy Cooperation Funds and some proposals for the South and the North policy (The policy that keeps the difference wages between the South and the North, and the policy that supplies electricity to the North.) are applied, the economic cooperation and interchange between the South and the North will grow activity and it will result Win-Win policy for both parties.
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