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전자상거래와 전통적 상거래 방식의 통합 전략과 기대효과

전자상거래와 전통적 상거래 방식의 통합 전략과 기대효과
Issue Date
정책과학대학원 산업경제학전공
이화여자대학교 정책과학대학원
Electronic commerce is more than just handling purchase transactions and funds transfers over the internet. Despite electronic commerce s past roots in transactions between large corporations, banks, and other financial institutions, the use of the internet as a way to bring electronic commerce to the individual consumer has led to a shift in viewpoint. Over the past few years, both the press and the business community have increased their focus on electronic commerce involving the consumer. The economics of electronic commerce is concerned with a new market whose delivery and communication infrastructure happens to be the internet. The economics of electronic commerce focuses on markets whose transactions are facilitated by communications networks and delivery systems. However, any digital communications media will soon be capable of supporting virtual transactions in the electronic marketplace, including telephone wires, cables, microwaves, and satellites. The primary purpose of this study was to make an empirical analysis of what effect electronic commerce recognized as one of the important determinants of international competitiveness had on the economic performance of the firm. Therefore, the key task of this study was to identify how much effect occurred when the firm introduced and used electronic commerce. And then, The wide use of Information Technology(IT), especially for the rapid diffusion of the Internet, brings us a new paradigm, called "Electronic Commerce", or "Digital Economy." The paradigm is regarded as a business strategy essential to organizations‘ competitive advantage. So, this study shows in the area of e-strategy, especially for the combined strategy of the Electronic Commerce and The General Commerce.
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