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중국어 색채어 연구 : 오색어의 문화 상징과 조어 구조를 중심으로

중국어 색채어 연구 : 오색어의 문화 상징과 조어 구조를 중심으로
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교육대학원 중국어교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
This study is to be a help for purification of language and utilization of various emotional expression more effectively for color education, through research on the color-terms shown in the Chinese language. Focused on the both aspects of cultural symbol and morphological forms, I tried to research and analyze the Chinese color-terms(totally, 221 words) by picking up from the several kinds of Chinese-Korean dictionaries. A conclusion of this study is as follows. 1. Color as a kind of the ones considered to be most important, which is sensual name yielded by the light waves coming from an object with color. In other words, the color-terms are the definition of color sense from the environment or the color of an object. This takes a role of symbol as commitment in language. 2. Basic color-terms in Chinese are composed of the five color-terms, black , white , red , blue and yellow . They are closely related to the Principle of Negative and Positive of the cultural symbols, and give big effect to emotion of the people. Furthermore, the specific meaning of each color represents even social class from the ancient times. 3. According to the grammatical form, I tried to divided the Chinese color-terms into three forms. These can be categorized as simple word, compound word, reiterative word(especially, ABB form) . Especially, the reiteration of the adjective in the Chinese language, is a model of expression which has succeeded continuously from generation to generation for a long time. The reiterative forms of the Chinese color-terms are full of liveliness in the sentences and have the descriptive function being able to formalize the shape and sound of the things. Each model of the reiterative forms is divided into AA, ABB, AXYZ, AABB , and so on. The most fundamental form among them can be regarded AA. However, most of reiterative words in the Chinese color-terms, are ABB form(almost 90%). Such reitarative forms have a descriptive function and the state and sound of things have been described with using the mimic words(BB, a sort of suffix) and onomatopoetic word. Furthermore, I found all of the BBs of ABB could be distinguishable and remarkable in the minor dissimiliation of meaning and function. Finally, considering the wider scope of the color-terms use than before, it is considered that the more systematic and concrete study on the color-terms must be needed and especially, I hope the more developed study in respect of the above mentioned matter, is continuously proceeding more actively.
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