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아욱잎의 성분 연구

아욱잎의 성분 연구
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대학원 약학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
아욱(Malva sylvestris L.)은 아욱과(Malvaceae)에 속하는 일년초로 아욱잎(冬葵葉)은 청열(淸熱), 행수(行水), 윤장(潤腸) 등의 작용이 있어 폐열해수(肺熱咳嗽), 열독하리(熱毒下痢), 도한(盜汗), 황달(黃疸), 단독(丹毒) 등에 사용되어 왔다. 이 아욱잎(冬葵葉)을 건조하여 Me0H : Water = 4 : 1로 추출한 후, hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate 순으로 분획하여, 그 중 ethyl acetate 분획에서 compound I, chloroform 분획에서 compound II를 단리한 후, 이화학적,광학적 분석에 의해 compound I은 rutin, compound II는 tryptophan으로 동정하였다. 조사한 바에 따르면, Malva속으로부터 rutin의 분리는 처음으로 밝히는 바이다. ; Malva silvertips L. Has been used as an emollient, laxative, and cough medicine. However, the photochemical work of M. silvertips has not much been studied. Most of the published reports showed mucous polysaccharides and anthocyanins as major constituents. In our continuous searching for pharmacologically active and applied to isolate and characterize the constituents. The leaves of M. silvertips were extracted with MeOH-H₂O (4:1) and then partitioned with hexane, CHCl₃. And EtOAc. As a result, compound I was isolated from the fraction of EtOAc extract by using Spandex LH20 column chromatography with MeOH and H₂O as elements. In addition, compound II was obtained from the fraction of CHCl₃ extract by sequential Spandex LH20 column chromatography, PrepTLC (R_t-0.2), ANALYTICAL hplc, AND prep LC (60% MeOH/ H₂O, 275㎚, 5㎖/min). On the basis of the set of spectral data, the structures of compound I and compound II were identified as ruin and tryptophan, respectively.
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