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A. C. Debussy의 Sonata No.3 for Violin and Piano에 관한 분석 연구

A. C. Debussy의 Sonata No.3 for Violin and Piano에 관한 분석 연구
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Achille Claude Debussy (1862-1918), the French composer, worked from late Romantic period until early 20th Century. Although Debussy is best known for his establishment of ‘Impressionistic style’ in music by importing and developing the notion of ‘Impressionism’ in art into music, not every piece of his work is limited to the Impressionistic style. It became apparent, as his final days approach, that he is clearly trying go beyond the boundary of Impressionism. The major influence that caused this change in Debussy’s musical world was the World War I that broke out in 1914. While the war raised anti-German feeling to extreme all over France, Debussy was also deeply influenced by it, however, with his cancer, he was not able fight for his country. This patriotic and somewhat nationalistic man, Debussy, felt guilty for not being able to provide his service to his beloved country at such time of emergency. Preserving and developing the traditional French music, thus, became the only thing this terminal man with cancer could do for his country. He did not simply turned back to the traditional French music, but he combined the traditional French music with his Impressionism to develop the music further. An example of this can be found in Debussy’s last sonata, Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Piano, in which the traditional sonata concept and Impressionistic style coexist.
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