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생태학적 접근에 의한 경량목조주택 디자인 연구

생태학적 접근에 의한 경량목조주택 디자인 연구
Issue Date
디자인대학원 환경디자인전공
이화여자대학교 디자인대학원
A design which fits the Korean culture and topography has been studied while maintains the ecological advantages of western style wooden house which is believed verified. The beautifully designed luxurious wooden houses nowadays show good outfits to the eyes of the lookers. These houses, however, give rise to many unexpected inconveniences to Korean folks to live in. The simple reason of this rise is the fact that these are the result of the design and verification appropriate to the western culture and topography. Thus, this study introduces the necessity of the design which gives the Koreans the physical and mental satisfaction as well as the visual satisfaction. A surburbian place is selected near Ichonsi, Kyounggido, Republic of Korea and the domain is limited to the living space design for wooden structure. The procedure to achieve the suitable design proposal of this study followed the steps as: 1. The features of the System Theory as a consideration frame which recognizes the environment as a system is investigated in order to apply the change of paradigm in ecology to the interior design environment along with the architectural environment. 2. The concept of the ecological design is defined as a procedure of relating the Eco-system and the building environment. The basic principles practically applicable are analyzed as well. 3. The analyzed principles are applied to the real design model in order to propose the ecologically sound environment design. 4. The proposed design is summarised and reviewed to pursue the theory applicable to the design.
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