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한국의 공해행정과 공해대책에 관한 연구

한국의 공해행정과 공해대책에 관한 연구
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대학원 정치외교학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The pollution in Korea has become aggravated being annexed to the policy of industrialization which prompted by the economic development plan for the last ten years. Moreover it seems very difficult for us to assure that we would'nt follow footsteps of the developed countries that have the more serious pollution even in case that the heavy chemical industries, since their establishment, come into being in full operation in Korea. In case of Seoul, owing to the over-pollution and over-centralization of industrial facilities, abnormal portliness was brought about. The urban pollution was accelerated to the extent that we can not hold out controllably because the appropriate counterplan could not be followed by it. I can acknowledge the thought that we should not miss the favorable chance of industrial development owing to being bound by the problem of pollution in the economically developing country. But if we give consideration to the fact that the sequelas of pollution will be too serious in case of leaving it as it is, I can not but think now is the right opportunity for us to devise anti-pollution. Taking such standpoint into consideration, I progressed this study as follows: Chapter 1. I set forth the necessity of the establishing anti-pollution policy and investigated the conception, the kinds of air-pollution. Chapter 2. I studied the primary factors, the status and the influence of air-pollution deviding them into three parts as follows: Paragraph 1. Air-contamination. Paragraph 2. Waters-contamination. Paragraph 3. Cacophony and vibration. Chapter 3. I carried out researches into the following on the standpoint of pollution: Paragraph 1. The outline of anti-pollution laws in various countries. Paragraph 2. The administrative structures against pollution in various countries, Paragraph 3. The function and actual results of anti-pollution organization in Korea. Chapter 4. I proposed the counterplan with long period eye and visualized the new aministrative structure for anti-poppution in Korea as follows: Paragraph 1. The adminitrative counterplan. Paragraph 2. The legal counterplan. Paragraph 3. The economical counterplan. Paragraph 4. The technical counterplan. Paragraph 5. The propulsion of citizen's movement for anti-pollution. Chapter 5. Conclusion. I described briefly what I dealt it the body of this study, I brought to a close hoping for us to solve the anti-pollution problems by devising with long time eye the counterplan which has been left undone owing to the priority policy of economic development as seen in the general tendency of the economically developing countries.
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