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僧帽瓣膜疾患에서의 M-mode 心超音波檢査所見에 關한 硏究

僧帽瓣膜疾患에서의 M-mode 心超音波檢査所見에 關한 硏究
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(A) Study of echocardiographic assessment of mitral valvular diseases
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대학원 의학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Fifty six patients with mitral valvular diseases were studied by M-mode echocardiography to establish differential diagnostic features. Patients with mitral stenosis(28 cases), mitral stenoin-sufficiency (16 cases) and mitral insufficiency (12 cases) treated at Ewha Womwans University Hospital from January 1978 to March 1982 were studied. The results obtained are as follows: 1. In mitral valvular study, EF slope is reduced significantly in mitral stenosis than other 2 groups. AC slope is slightly more rapid in mitral stenosis than others. DE amplitude is greater in mitral stenoinsufficiency and mitral insufficiency than mitral stenosis without significance. 2. Aortic root diameter, aortic cusp separation and right ventricular dimensions are not different in mitral valvular diseases. But left atrial dimension is increased in mitral sterioinsufficiency. 3. In left ventricle study, septal thickness has no difference in 3 groups but posterior wall thickness of left ventricle is more increased in mitral insufficiency. Left ventricular dimensions, left ventricular volume and stroke volume are more increased in mitral stenoinsufficiency and mitral insufficiency than mitral stenosis because of left ventricular overloading. Ejection fraction and fractional shortening are more diminished in mitral stenosis but no significant difference is found. 4. Calcification of mitral leaflets is observed in 82.1% of mitral stenosis, 37.5% of mitral stenoinsufficiency and 8.3% of mitral insufficiency. Heavy calcification is remarkable in 32.1% of mitral stenosis. 5. Atrial fibrillation is accompanied in 21.4% of mitral stenosis, 31.3% of mitral stenoinsufficiency and 8.3% of mitral insufficiency. In cases of atrial fibrillation, left atrial dimension is significantly increased compared with the group without atrial fibrillation. These findings suggest M-mode echocardiogrphy is a useful noninvasive diagnostic method in differentiation of mitral valvular diseases.
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