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만성 편도염에서의 Interleukin-6와 intercellular adhesion molecule-1의 발현에 관한 연구

만성 편도염에서의 Interleukin-6와 intercellular adhesion molecule-1의 발현에 관한 연구
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(The) Study on the Expression of IL-6 and ICAM-1 in chronic tonsillitis
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만성 편도염Interleukin-6Intercellular adhesion molecule-1
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Interleukin-6(IL-6) is a multifunctional cytokine that regulates the immune response, acute phase reactions, and hematopoiesis. It is involved in induction of B-cell differentiation and induction of acute phase proteins. Intercellular adhesion molecule-l(ICAM-1) is an adhesion molecule expressed in high endothelial venules(HEVs) in humans, that is involved in the interactions between leukocytes and endothelial cells. ICAM-1 also plays a critical role during an inflammatory response in the interaction between activated endothelium and immunocompetent cells. This study examined human tonsils by immunohistochemical method to compare the expression of IL-6 and ICAM-1 between many sites of tonsils and in relation to age, tonsillar hypert개phy, and to compare correlation between expression of IL-6 and ICAM-1. The results were as follows : 1) IL-6 was highly expressed on endothelial cells, plasma cells, and lymphocytes. 2) ICAM-1 was mainly expressed on lymphocytes in interfolicular areas and partially expressed on lymphocytes in germinal centers. 3) The expression of IL-6 and ICAM-1 were increased as the grade of tonsillar hypertrophy was high(P0.05), ICAM-1은 성장상태에 따라 발현의 양성률이 높게 나타났으며 통계적인 유의성이 있었다(P<0.05). 5. IL-6와 ICAM-1의 발현은 통계적으로 유의한 상관관계가 있었다(P<0.05). 이상의 결과로 미루어 IL-6, ICAM-1 모두 편도 비대에 영향을 미침을 알 수 있었고 그 기전은 바이러스등 여러 자극에 의해 IL-6가 혈관 내피세포, 형질세포, 림프구에서 생성되어 ICAM-1의 발현을 유도하고 이에 따른 염증반응이 편도비대에 역할을 하는 것으로 추측할 수 있다.
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