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미디어 믹스를 이용한 모바일 광고 사례분석에 관한 연구

미디어 믹스를 이용한 모바일 광고 사례분석에 관한 연구
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Analysis of Cases of Mobile Advertising Using Media Mix
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대학원 디지털미디어학부
이화여자대학교 대학원
이동통신 기술의 급격한 발전과 이동전화 가입자 수의 폭발적인 증가로 인하여 이동통신 단말기를 통한 모바일 광고는 이미 새로운 광고매체로서 각광받고 있다. 모바일 광고는 모바일이라는 매체를 통해 광고주의 메시지를 광고대상(audience)에게 전달함을 목적으로 한다. 모든 기업이나 조직의 활동이 그러하듯이 모바일 광고도 정해진 한도의 자원을 통해 최대한 효과적이고 효율적으로 광고의 목적을 달성해야 한다. 광고의 효과를 높이는 방법으로는 효과적인 광고 메시지의 작성이나 다른 광고 수단과의 혼용의 방법인 이벤트나 가격할인 혹은 PR 등의 방법이 사용될 수 있다. 또 동시에 광고에 이용되는 매체를 효율적으로 분산함으로서 같은 효과를 볼 수 있다. 따라서 본 연구는 모바일광고와 각종 매체를 혼용한 사례를 제시하고 분석하며 미디어 믹스적인 모바일광고의 현주소를 파악하여 모바일 관련 산업의 영역 확장을 위한 기초 자료를 제공한다는 점에서 연구의 의의가 크다. 본 연구는 상기의 연구 목적을 실행하기 위해 다음과 같은 내용으로 진행되었다.제 I장에서는 본 논문의 연구 배경 및 연구 목적과 범위에 대해서 서술하였다.제 II장에서는 모바일 광고에 대한 소개와 개념에 대해 서술하고 미디어 믹스의 개념과 현황에 대해 조사 정리하였다. 제 III장에서는 그 동안 국내외에서 시행되었던 모바일 광고의 사례에 대해 조사하였다.제 IV장에서는 앞서 조사한 모바일 광고 사례를 내용 분석 방법을 통해 분석하였다. 제 V장에서는 모바일 광고의 동향과 향후 발전방향 및 앞으로의 연구 가능성에 대해 언급하고 결론지었다.;Today, the new media represented by computers and mobile phones have become the necessaries of life. At present, the number of supplied computers reaches 22.49 million and mobile penetration reaches 76% in the country. As for the frequency of using Internet through computer, 71.8% use it everyday, and the use time is 13.5 hours a week on average. As well, as we can see easily young generations who enjoy movies and Internet through mobile phone, the environment of media is rapidly changing day by day. Meanwhile, people expected that new media would take the existing media market represented as newspapers and TV. However, the new media have been developing as convergence with complementing their merits and demerits with the existing media. This study has its meaning as an advance research for convergence of the existing mid mix advertisements and the area of a new media of mobile, which aims at providing the basic data for enlargement of industry related to mobile by suggesting and analyzing the cases of media mix using mobile advertisements and suggesting the model of mobile advertisements of a new media mix. First of all, through the literature study, the general data of mobile advertisements and discussions related to media mix were developed. Also, in what form the domestic mobile advertisements have been ongoing was analyzed and the possibility of development of mobile as media mix was examined. Through this study, as one of ways to maximize the effects of mobile advertisements, the effects of mobile used with other media were analyzed. Mobile advertisements can be summarized as that target marketing is possible as personalized media and they can provide the most wanting advertisements selectively according to users’ locations without spatiotemporal restrictions and have high interaction between advertisers and users. This study selected 4 categories for analysis of general contents of mobile advertisements executed in onㆍoffline. The first is about the basic kinds of mobile advertisements, the second is about the contents of objects, targets and execution methods of advertisements, the third is about the advertisements media concerning the kinds and orders of used media, and the fourth is about the execution results of advertisements, from which its success can be judged through numerical analysis for reactors or participants to advertisements. Consequently, it appeared that the most suitable kinds of products for mobile advertisements by industry, food & beverage, service, and entertainment occupied the highest ratio, and from the analysis about mobile advertisements contents, the promotion of new products occupied the highest ratio in the objects of mobile advertisements. The analysis of mobile advertisement media showed that SMS and Page+ are used a lot. And, as the analysis of the results of advertisements, although we cannot say that the reaction rate to mobile advertisements is low; however it is low for the reception amount of advertisements, which is considered due to customers’ misgivings for use of customers’ information without permission and the complexity of the process to make an acquisition of information. As the results of analysis of differences between mobile advertisements and media mix mobile advertisements, it appeared to have significant differences for objects of advertisements, sex of targets, number of targets, type of media linked to mobile, percentage of advertisements reception amount, reaction rate to advertisements, and number of participants, and as for the analysis of success of advertisements, successful advertisements cases appeared as 70.0%, among which, 50.0% appeared as media mix advertisements and the rest 20.0% as mobile advertisements. Judging from that over 50.0% of 65.0% among 100 cases were successfully executed in media mix advertisements, the possibility of development of media mix is expected. The mobile industry will continue a rapid development now and forever, and the various and new types of advertisements will be come out. The solutions for the advertisements developing from the aspects of technology, terminal and service will be commercialized that it will be possible to measure the effects on mobile advertisements, therefore the more developed real multimedia advertisements for new media not merely the interlocking of mobile, 4 big media, and online media for simple advertisements will be produced. Hereafter, the succeeding researches on the strategy of mobile advertisements and visual expression methods based on mobile marketing techniques according to the characteristics of mobile are expected. Through this proper and efficient promotion, we can derive the security of the participation rate to online promotion and the reduction of marketing cost, and can relieve the discomforts to search numerous contents to find the information we want, therefore it will provide more convenient online environment. Main Words: Mobile Advertising, Media Mix
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