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자연물 꽃 이미지의 활용성 제고를 위한 실용 색채 팔레트 개발 연구

자연물 꽃 이미지의 활용성 제고를 위한 실용 색채 팔레트 개발 연구
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A Research on the Development Method of a Practical Digital Color Palette using Natural Flower Images
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대학원 디자인학부색채디자인전공
이화여자대학교 대학원
본 연구는 디자인 모티브로써 꽃의 자료적 가치를 재조명하고, 시대의 흐름에 맞는 디지털 디자인 정보로 체계화 및 지원도구를 개발함으로써 보다 효율적인 디자인 환경 조성의 필요성을 일깨웠다는 점에서 연구의 학문적 의의를 찾을 수 있다. 또한 지금까지 꽃의 디자인적 가치와 상품성에 관한 연구들과 달리, 실증적이고 실용적 방안을 모색하였다는데 의의가 있다. 또한, 색채와 형태정보를 활용한 디자인 자료의 이론적 토대를 마련하고, 다양한 대상물들에 반영되어 더 많은 디자인 디지털 자료 환경을 구축하기 위한 초석이라고 볼 수 있다.;In the modern society, where designing is done mostly with computers or other digital devices, being faithful to the original colors and portraying designs naturally has become increasingly important. Therefore, this research aims to understand the characteristics of digital devices and colors and by doing so, to enhance the satisfaction of the designers work by providing them with data about the nature of the original colors. Therefore, in order to reduce the differences of color space of digital devices, a characterization of digital cameras and color image cluster program were conducted. Nature is the source of designing inspiration. As the naturalistic lifestyles began to be a growing trend in the design market since 2000, the usage of floral patterns and colors has increased for example fashion, fiber, product surfaces, wallpapers and interior fabric designs. Therefore, it is essential to observe and extract the formative characteristics and analyze the obtained data. With this fact in mind, we started the research to develop a flower color image palette. Studies show pigments that determine the color of a flower mostly are mostly located in the petals. Upon analyzing the colors using the pigments in the flower’s petal, different characteristics in chromatic and lightness were noted. White flowers had high lightness and low chromatic; yellow flowers had a proportionate relationship among the two factors while orange flowers displayed similarity in lightness with diverse chromatic. Red, magenta flowers had higher chromatic than lightness and pink flowers showed lower chromatic in comparison with lightness. Violet, mauve colored flowers had a balance in chromatic and lightness and blue flowers had low chromatic and a relatively high lightness. Purple, black flowers showed low in both lightness and chromatics. On the basis of this data, an ACO file with classified flower colors was made to be utilized as a flower color swatch on Photoshop and illustration programs. By a systematic approach on digital colors, we developed a practical supporting tool to utilize a more effective and natural flower colors in the designing environment. In this research, by studying the object’s image, we developed a method to make a digital color palette that is loyal to the original colors. This research’s meaning lies in the fact that we have analyzed in depth of digital colors that can be easily overlooked in the designing process or digital color analysis. The productive outcomes of this research are that to recreate colors closest to the original, the color error range was reduced by characterizing the digital camera and color value of the elaborate digital image was obtained by a cluster program instead of the mosaic method. Colors were divided into 11 groups according to the pigment manifestations of flowers and into three categories upon analyzing the relation between chromatic and lightness. The results of this research help to find out how flower colors change in accordance to hue. Also, when designing floral patterns, it will help naturally express the characteristics of changing lightness and chromatic depending on the hue. Therefore, it is forecasted that it will be widely utilized in design industries such as fashion, interior and fabric design where floral patterns are often used. Building upon the results of this research, a more effective data base will be created developing floral patterns based on the abstract and concrete analysis of flower forms. Developing practical designing methods by making maximum use of research on the special characteristics of digital devices and conducting in-depth study on objects, we wish to provide a color palette that is true to its original colors and further on, to contribute to the overall satisfaction of the design results as well as creating higher value products for the designing industry.
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