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패션感覺 分類에 따른 衣服購買行動에 관한 硏究

패션感覺 分類에 따른 衣服購買行動에 관한 硏究
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대학원 의류직물학과
패션감각분류의복구매행동중상층 중년여성
이화여자대학교 대학원
本 硏究의 目的은 中年女性을 對象으로 하는 패션브랜드를 패션感覺別로 分類하고 그에 따른 衣服購買行動을 糾明함으로써, 中年女性들에게 賢明한 消費生活을 營爲하게하고, 衣類生産業界에 마아케팅 프로그램의 基礎的 資料를 提示하고자 한다. 硏究의 具體的 目的은 다음과 같다. 첫째, 브랜드 이미지에 따라 패션感覺의 差異를 糾明한다. 둘째, 거주지·연령·학력·직업유무에 따른 中年女性의 패션感覺과 衣服購買行動을 把握한다. 세째, 패션感覺에 따른 中年女性의 衣服購買行動의 差異를 糾明한다. 測定道具로는 패션感覺과 衣服購買行動의 測定을 위해 文獻과 先行硏究에 根據하여 本 硏究者가 作成한 質問紙를 使用하였다. 硏究對象은 서울市內에 居住하는 中年女性으로서, 梨花女大 學生의 어머니를 對象으로 標集하였으며 最終 269부를 統計分析資料로 利用하였다. 資料分析은 頻度, 百分率, 平均, t-test, χ^(2)-test, 多次元尺度法(Multi-dimension Scaling:M.D.S.), ANOVA, Duncan's Multiple Range test, 多重回歸分析을 實施하였다. 資料分析 結果는 다음과 같다. 1. 브랜드 이미지에 따른 패션感覺 分類에서 김창숙부띡 손석화부띡 이오패션이 類似하게 나타났고, 모라도, 반도패션, 코오롱벨라가 類似하게 나타났다. 디자이너 브랜드의 패션感覺은 정장형, 고전적, 화려한 感覺을 나타냈고, 내셔널 브랜드의 패션感覺은 캐쥬얼형, 현대적, 수수한 感覺을 나타냈다. 2. 거주지·연령·학력·직업유무에 따른 패션感覺 分類 集團間에 部分的으로 유의한 차이가 있다. 즉 학력에 따라 개성별 분류에 의한 집단간에 유의한 차이가 있다. 3. 거주지·연령·학력·직업유무에 따른 中年女性의 衣服購買行動에 유의한 차이가 있다. 즉 거주지에 따라 구매처, 구매처 선택요인 구매시기, 대금지불방법은 유의한 차이가 있고, 연령에 따라 논의대상자, 의복구매기준은 유의한 차이가 있고, 학력에 따라 구매동기, 논의대상자, 스타일선택요인, 구매처, 구매처 선택요인, 구매시기, 구매후 만족여부는 유의한 차이가 있으며, 직업에 따라 구매처, 구매시기는 유의한 차이가 있다. 4. 패션感覺에 따른 中年女性의 衣服購買行動에 유의한 차이가 있다. 즉 구매동기와 의복구매기준은 브랜드별 분류와 개성별 분류에 따라 각각 유의한 차이가 있고 구매처는 브랜드별 분류에 따라, 구매처 선택요인은 개성별 분류에 유의한 차이가 있다.;This research's purposes are carried on wise consumption living to middle age woman and present fundamental data of marketing program in clothing products as fashion brand, for middle age woman, is classified by fashion sense and is examined into clothing purchase conduct by it. Concrete study subjects are as following : 1. Are there some practical differences according to Brand Image ? 2. Are there some differences for fashion sense of middle age woman of according to their dwelling place, age, accademic career, and presence job? 3. Are there some differences for clothing purchase conducts of middle age woman according to dwelling place, age, accademic career and presence of job? 4. Are there some difference for clothing purchase conducts of middle age woman according to fashion senses? We used questionnaire which was written by this investigator with documents and precedence study as measurement-implement. We invited mothers, middle age woman as objects of study, of Ewha Womans University's students', who were dwelling in Seoul City, and investigator used the last two hundred and sixtynine copies as statistical data. Data analysis was enfored by frequency, percentage, average, t-test, χ^(2)-test, M. D. S. ANOVA, Duncan's Multiple Range test & Multiple Regression. Results of data analysis are as following: 1. There are some similarities among Kim Changsuk Beautic, Son Suckwha Beautic, and LeeO Fashion and among Morado, Bando Fashion, and Koorong Bella in classification of fashion sense by image of brand. Designer brand's fashion sense is formal, classics splendour, while national brand's is casual, morden, and simple. 2. There are some similar differences among classification groups by dwelling place, age, academic career, presence of job of middle age woman Namely, it has, according to academic career, similar difference among classification group by personality, 3. The clothing purchase conduct of middle age woman has similar difference by dwelling place, age, academic career, presence of job. There is similar difference in purchasing place, choicing factor of purchasing place, purchasing time, and how to pay for charge by dwelling place, and in advisor and clothing purchasing basic by age, and in purchasing motive, advisor, style selection factor, purchasing place, purchasing selection factor, purchasing time, and satisfaction or dissatisfaction after purchasing by academic career, and in purchasing place, purchasing time by presence of job. 4. There is similar difference in clothing purchase conduct of middle age woman by fashion sense. Exactly, purchasing motive and clothing purchase basic (standard) are similar differences by classification of brand and classification of personality. Purchasing place has similar difference by classification of brand, and purchasing places select ion factor has similar difference by classification of personality.
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